Giraffe & Elephant Illustrated Logo Design

Giraffe & Elephant is a boutique action house and art store that features unique artwork and custom-made products in a high-end manner. The logo represents the whimsical nature of its owner and overall feel of the establishment.

The name of the brand has a personal story behind it, which was taken into consideration when designing the logo itself. The symbol was truly inspired by the anatomical and iconic features of both animals, merging them together in a unique and powerful yet classy way.

Above all, this logo is memorable. The giraffe-pattern spots are organized in such a way that forms a silhouetted head of an elephant. The two elements in this combination create the symbol are placed in the middle of the two words, and takes place of the “&” of the name of the company.

The typeface is a modern, sans serif font. It is spelled out in all caps to create a bigger impact and balance out the boldness of the logo, contrasting the thin lines of the font drawing. The gold color evokes the high-end notes that this company is all about.

Giraffe & Elephant is an illustrated logo design in the arts & recreation and luxury industries.