Townsend Mccormack Geometric Logo Design

Townsend McCormack Ltd. has provided insurance services since 1991, and their logo can be deconstructed to reveal several layers of meaning about the company's three main branches of service: Commericial, life and pensions, and school and education. The thin font balances the thick lines of the symbol, and undercase letters ensure the overall logo appears sleek and professional, not fragile or unsecure.


Townsend Mccormack Fun Logo Design

How does it do it so seamlessly? The symbol is simple and geometric, but stacked in a unique square shape that's interested to view -- it's possible to spot a subtle "T" and "M" within the it as well. 


Townsend Mccormack Great Logo Design

The unique layout also creates an optical illusion of perspective and symmetry, where the shape can become a building, representing commercial business; an open box, representing life and pensions; or a more artistic symbol, representing schools and education. 

Townsend Mccormack Geometric Logo Design

This logo achieves its many meanings without losing the core message of the monogram.

Townsend Mccormack is a geometric logo design in the legal & insurance industry.