Symphony Sleep Packaging Design

DD.NYC's Packaging Design for Symphony Sleep Exhibits Elegance and Simplicity

As part of the branding process, the DD.NYC agency developed a sleek and refined packaging design for one of the brand's mattresses.

Symphony Sleep's packaging design reflects the product's simplicity, emphasizing the relaxed and comfortable attributes that let the product shine!

The design can immediately be included in one of the best examples of box packaging, thanks to the designers' creative minds. The tall rectangular box features minimalist aesthetics, with a two-color palette and imprinted branding marks. The leading visual is a huge creative cross-panel company emblem encapsulating the product's leading quality.

Transcending the shape with elegant design

Symphony Sleep's Packaging Design Persuades Customers Through Limited Copy but Rich, Attractive Appeal

Unlike other brands, Symphony Sleep's packaging design is clean and decluttered of the copies that try too hard to persuade the customers to purchase. The light typography is used exclusively for branding, portraying confidence in the product's quality while subtly elevating the brand identity. It's the same way branding professionals focus on crafting minimalistic packaging designs that rely on strategic typography to communicate the brand's selling point.

The gold serif typography is present on two panels. One features the scaled-up brand name positioned vertically in the bottom left corner with half of the logo on the other side.

The other panel extends to two more lines of typeface, with large line spacing between them. The second line has a short tagline with the italicized brand name, and the one below contains a web address to the brand's shop.

Symphony Sleep's Packaging Design Helps Present the Product as a Rare and Valuable Natural Gem

The typography and visuals are laid onto an emerald-green setting that embraces the packaging box. The background color is textured, adding an earthy, natural touch to the design.

This hue of green not only creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere that's ideal for a mattress packaging design, but it also sets a tone for a striking background for the gold typography that adds a note of elegance and luxury to its natural beauty.

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The primary color and the contrast also represent harmony, boosting the overall branding experience while communicating the product's ability to soothe you into a good night's sleep.

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Functionality and style

Symphony Sleep's Packaging Design Prioritizes Functionality

Apart from its excellent branding and a balanced color scheme, this packaging design offers a simple unpacking experience. The design features an easy-to-open four-piece top lid, with simple instructions that help the user get to the product swiftly. It mirrors the goal of every packaging design agency to create a seamless and hassle-free user experience from unboxing.

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The inner two pieces are decorated with visuals that portray the three linear actions you'll need to follow to unbox your mattress, safely protected in plastic wrap. The other piece features a scannable QR code and another mention of the brand's website address.

The visuals and typography retain the color scheme, and the last instruction sends a nice 'feel-good' message that reimburses the brand's laid-back confidence.

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