Kaia Naturals (slide 1)

Kaia naturals created natural and minimalist products that benefit busy people and is second nature to kaia naturals. These products are made with non-toxic ingredients that nurture sensitive skin and decimate toxins and impurities. Their products allow you to cleanse and detoxify with peace of mind. This is a wellness movement promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Kaia naturals was created by a woman named Mary Futher. Mary is a veteran beauty industry product developer and marketing executive.

The packaging design of Kaia naturals commands attention like the Greek god Zeus sent a lightning bolt from product shelf to the consumer’s visual cortex. We have black and white stripes with a blissful light blue which highlights the product description.

This is phenomenal. The product jumps off the shelves when compares to others. Look how clear and commanding the text is. This is like having your vision sucked in by a magnet at the large hadron collider where scientists are smashing atoms to create miniature black holes.

Kaia Naturals has a packaging design that must have some sort of science backed graphical elements that have been proven to make text stand out. The letters are all lowercase and aligned with each other in a beautiful and harmonious simplicity.

Kaia Naturals (slide 2)

The packaging shapes take different forms from carton to hexagon. The charcoal detox uses a light pink while the takesumi detox uses a blissful blue. The packaging design is beautiful and that matters because we are dealing with beauty products, after all.

What strikes me is the astonishing use of black and white stripes to center in on the product name like a golden eagle spots a mouse from a field. This is a mastery of the knowledge not just of marketing but a human vision. This is pure genius. A wealth of research and thoughtfulness and care went into this packaging design and it will carry Kaia Naturals on the wings of beauty for many years to come.

Kaia Naturals is a bold packaging design in the E-commerce & Retail, Fashion & Beauty and Medical & Pharmacy industries.