Arcobaleno Chocolate Colorful Packaging Design

Arcobaleno is a fictional brand of fruit flavored dark chocolate with a bright and colorful packaging that focuses on the fruity flavors. Vo Dang created this packaging as a school project and -- most likely -- and succeeded


Arcobaleno Chocolate Great Packaging Design

The dark background and white accents create the perfect stage for the illustrations Vo Dang created. Those drawings have bright colors, simple shapes and creatively let the customer know what the main fruits are inside the chocolate.


Arcobaleno Chocolate Beautiful Packaging Design

Arcobaleno has a very summery design; the packaging somewhat takes us back to the Brazilian singer Carmen Miranda's fruit hat. 

Arcobaleno Chocolate Packaging Design

The unique fonts, sharp contrast, and colorful graphics draw consumers in and entice them to complete a purchase. 

Arcobaleno Chocolate is a beautiful packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry.