Brandless Beauty Packaging Design

Eye-Catching Colors Make The Brandless Products Stand Out

Brandless is an e-commerce brand that delivers a wide range of products — from beauty to household cleaning items to food. It’s kind of like an online grocery store for millennials — and it certainly has gained a large following.

And one reason for its increasing popularity is its packaging.

The Brandless packaging takes on a minimalist design that makes use of color and text, leaving any additional imagery or playful elements by the wayside. And regardless of product genre, the packaging remains the same — whether you’re buying a bottle of soap or a granola bar.

The majority of these labels and packages are covered in a specific color — these are often bright, exciting and engaging colors that immediately grab your attention and help the products stand out against the white background of your computer screen.

At the center of the design is a white, curved box that holds the product name in the same color that surrounds the rest of the label.

The box itself comes with its own trademark in a clever and fun way, but it’s the color that really catches your eye and demands the user to take a closer look and further inspect the products on the screen.

Color is an engaging design element and hits home for a lot of consumers — mainly subconsciously. It can cause a visceral reaction that often leads to a purchase.

So by focusing solely on color as a design element to differentiate these products and the brand as a whole, this brand is relying heavily on consumer emotions and buyer behaviors to really create an atmosphere of transparency, trust and authority.

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Brandless Shelves Packaging Design

Straightforward Text Lets Consumers Know Exactly What Products They’re Getting

When it comes to the Brandless packaging designs, a few things stand out. The first thing you notice is the striking and simplistic use of color. But the second thing that stands out is the bold text that sits at the center of these designs.

Like we’ve said before, the text at the center of these designs matches the color that surrounds the overall packaging. But it’s all written in the same bold, sans-serif font.

And in addition to that, this text is all aligned to the left like it’s being written out in a Word document. It’s clever and minimal, but that makes it even more appealing.

And it’s not just the way these words are written out that’s fun — though when looking at these products, the benefits are all listed alongside check marks which certainly puts a smile on your face.

It’s the fact that these words are so blunt and to the point. The soaps, granola bars and other products are all labeled precisely.

There are no fancy words or additional adjectives to describe what’s inside. The text is bold, to the point and straightforward as to eliminate any confusion and streamline the purchase process even further.

The text here adds clarity and context, telling users exactly what’s in store.

Brandless Food Packaging Design

A Minimalist Aesthetic Aligns The Brand As One Consumers Can Trust

As you’ve probably already figured out, these designs are extremely minimalist in nature. They are made up of few, simple elements that come together to create an elegant, clean and classic packaging that jumps from the shelves.

Minimalism is a growing trend that is described by Merriam-Webster as "a style or technique (as in music, literature, or design) that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity."

And in these designs, it’s evident that they are scarce and simplistic. Especially when comparing this packaging to others in the industry, these designs almost seem barren and empty.

But that extensive use of white space is leveraged beautifully, making these designs stand at attention more powerfully when compared to its competitors.

The simplicity here also ties back to the brand and its message of accessibility, transparency and passion for quality. It makes sense that they wouldn’t take on a product look that was crazy and elaborate — because they are all about keeping things simple.

And this packaging promotes that.

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Brandless Bars Packaging Design

The Growing Minimalist Movement In Packaging

Minimalism has taken the art and design world by storm. Whether we’re talking about website design, print design, app design or package design, we’re almost always featuring minimalism in some way shape or form.

And that’s because for decades now, people have been moving away from the elaborate and the bombastic in favor of cleaner, crisper and simpler designs. This is in interior design, sculpture and beyond.

Minimalism soothes and excites at the same time. It streamlines the buyer journey and leads users directly where the brand and designer want them to go. Whether this is to the product pages in a web design, or to a certain product on a shelf for packaging.

In packaging particularly, minimalism is in. From beauty brands like Glossier to athletic apparel brands like Adidas — minimalism is everywhere, and it’s here to stay.

Minimalism is timeless — and it’s a trend and style that will always look good. It speaks volumes when compared to other, cluttered designs, urging people to buy and easing consumer worries thanks to its openness and simplicity.

Minimalism never gets old. And in a world where trends are changing and technologies are evolving, brands need something that will still work for them months and years down the line.

Brandless Soap Packaging Design

The Brandless Story — From Startup To Success

Brandless is an online, e-commerce brand that burst onto the scene in 2017. The site itself is an online marketplace for consumers to buy household items like groceries, health and beauty products and more all at an affordable price.

The goal of the brand was, and still is, to make better products more accessible to everyone. And the result was an online store that offers affordable, quality-made goods for a wide audience of consumers.

This is the Brandless story:

It all started with a problem: The system by which goods are made, distributed, sold, and brought home is long overdue for a makeover. When products are manufactured today, they don’t go straight to the store. Traditional brands have a lot of markups built into their retail pricing; like distribution costs, wholesale to retail markups, and shelf stocking. They’ll pay breakage fees and face settlement costs. In fact, brands are often asked to pay retailers’ in-store marketing costs, end-capping, and more. And YOU, the customer, end up covering the cost of these additional markups. The fact is, better doesn’t have to cost more. That’s why we created Brandless. By building direct relationships with our suppliers and customers from the start, we eliminate all those extra costs associated with inefficient and unnecessary markups. We make “better-for you” quality products more widely accessible and affordable for everyone.

The Brandless brand is built on quality and integrity. They identified a problem and have worked tirelessly to find a way to solve it — and their inventory and dedication have grown in the year since its conception.

All of the Brandless products are available at an affordable price of $3, and the team has worked hard to provide an inventory that is as diverse as it is cheap. And they’ve achieved major success as a result.

Their packaging mirrors this simplicity and transparency, and that’s a huge plus in our book.

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Why The Brandless Packaging Appeals To Consumers

Brandless appeals to consumers for a variety of reasons. As a brand, it’s one that’s dedicated to quality and affordable products that are available to everyone. It’s a startup with a clear vision and a powerful mission that consumers can relate to and trust. And it’s e-commerce nature takes out the stress or regular grocery shopping.

But the packaging also helps the brand’s image, and really hits home for consumers across the country.

The minimalist nature of this packaging shows that the brand isn’t interested in showing off or putting unnecessary effort into the design.

And that’s because they have more important things to worry about — like making sure they are constantly meeting their high standards and growing their offerings to appeal to even more consumers and keep existing patrons happy.

These products are packaged in simple, minimal and clean packaging. The labels are made up of a bright pop of color with a box of white inside that allows for the crisp, clean text to be plainly written out.

This gives context to the products and lets consumers know what exactly they’re buying without cluttering the label up too much with unnecessary information. The brand doesn’t have time for it, and neither do consumers.

This is a minimalist design that strays away from the normal, monochromatic palette that often accompanies minimalist packaging. But it’s a refreshing take that is instantly eye-catching and draws you in.

Overall, this packaging sells thanks to its simple, elegant and laid-back nature. And other brands can learn a thing or two about the powerful messaging that stands as the foundation.

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