Cambio Roasters package design by Product Ventures

Cambio Roasters Packaging Design Emphasizes An Earthy Feel With Textured Molded Pulp

Founded in 2018, Cambio Roasters is a coffee brand from South Carolina that produces eco-friendly, profit-sharing and people-powered coffee pods.

The company’s brand mission emphasizes sustainability and helps coffee farmers by donating a share of the profit to the “Food 4 Farmers” program. They ship their product in 100% recyclable packaging and are very attentive to detail when it comes to product personalization for every client.

Cambio Roasters’ recent rebrand included the adoption of bright colors and the introduction of a one-of-a-kind ecologically-focused packaging.

Behind their groundbreaking package design is Product Ventures, a 360-degree design agency from Connecticut.

The company decided on using biodegradable model pulp for the packaging’s body as a way of showcasing its compostable and recyclable nature. The pulp’s rough texture has a very “earthy” feel to it, signifying the brand’s farm-to-table philosophy.

Every Cambio Roaster container fits easily on a kitchen counter or in a kitchen cabinet and is spacious enough to contain 27 coffee pods.

Cambio Roasters package design

A Varied Color Palette Helps Cambio Roasters Packaging Stand Out In An Otherwise Understated Niche

Helping the planet is one of the brand’s most important aspects from the point of view of market positioning.

Another notable aspect, that also helps with product differentiation on a crowded market of coffee packaging (and crowded shelves), is the actual label design that uses vibrant colors.

Laura Kuhn Art & Design placed a great deal of attention to detail on the graphics.

Cambio Roaster’s products are divided into three main categories: light, medium and dark roast. Each category consists of specific coffee blends that come with their own color.

For example, French roast comes with magenta-colored packaging, Sumatran blend is in royal blue, decaf in orange and so on.

The combination of these colors with the earthy tone and structure of the main container creates a very unique look that helps the product come across as distinctive and different in stores.

This is a testament to how packaging designers skillfully employ color coding to enhance aesthetic appeal and facilitate easy product identification.

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Cambio Roasters packaging

Cambio Roasters Packaging Informs Consumers On Coffee Origins & The Farmers Behind The Crop

Another nice touch that makes this packaging design very consumer-centric is the paperboard sleeve that specifies the coffee flavor and product details necessary for container recycling.

When a consumer removes the plug lid with the debossed brand name, they can find the Cambio Roasters’ mission statement, info on farmers who produced this specific crop and a few words on the coffee beans’ origins.

The cards with product information on how this purchase helps the planet sit between the layers of pods so as to prevent them from moving around inside the container.

The level of care about the information consumers find important takes this remarkable packaging design another notch above industry competitors.

Cambio Roasters Packaging Design Translates Brand’s Sustainability Mission Into A Wholesome Product

Cambio Roasters packaging design by Product Ventures could prove to be a game-changer and a bona-fide trailblazer in the sustainable packaging vertical.

It manages to capture the essence of viable and ecologically-minded products, while also attracting attention with eye-catching design and properties.

By seamlessly integrating eco-friendly elements with striking design components, branding specialists are able to elevate the company's reputation as environmentally conscious while still engaging the target audience's interest.

Cambio Roaster containers and coffee pods deliver on the brand’s proclaimed mission statement and go even beyond that by being easy to use and helping coffee farmers with each purchase.

Cambio Roaster’s co-founder, Ann Hutson, remarks on Product Venture’s packaging design for this product:

"Cambio realizes that our coffee not only needs to taste amazing and have a real value for our customers, but the packaging also needs to be a blockbuster innovation in and of itself. The Product Ventures team embraced our dream of building the coolest K-Cup® brand in the country and they delivered in spades! Fortunately, both the customers and retailers love it.”

With Cambio Roasters packaging design, Product Ventures may well have captured lightning in a bottle – or a cup of coffee, as the case may be.

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