Goldfish Tea Bags Fun Packaging Design

The process of drinking tea is a simple one in itself, but can be made fun with a twist in design. Charm Villa’s innovative Goldfish Tea Bag makes drinking tea a fun and entertaining process, with a visually appealing and creative design. The company endeavors to make charming products for an enjoyable everyday life, and the packaging of the tea reflects this well.

Charm Villa’s teabag is unique — it is shaped like a goldfish. With a white exterior and matching white thread linking to a label that has the Charm Villa name on it, the teabag is immediately visually fascinating, and stands out as a great design. Adding to the visual experience are the eyes of the fish-shape teabag, that, along with the tail and fins, complete the design. The teabag design is compelling, aseptically appealing, and promises to make drinking tea a unique experience.

Goldfish Tea Bags Packaging Design

But the more entertaining part of the design emerges when the tea is brewed. As the teabag is steeped in hot water and begins to swell, the shape of a goldfish fully takes form. A special cotton thread is attached to the mouth of the goldfish teabag, and pulling this thread enables the teabag to move in the cup like an actual fish. The manufacturing process of this exceptional teabag has sixteen steps, and nine of them requite handicraft skills.

As the teabag is steeped in the hot water, the water turns a golden-orange shade, and combined with the emerging pink colors of the fish, it provides for a very visually appealing experience.

Great care has been taken towards the creation of this design. The branding is hard to forget, and the design is artistically executed. The result is a unique experience, with an emphasis on the entertainment element of design. Charm Villa has packaged its tea in a fun, engaging, and creative way.

Goldfish Tea Bags is a fun packaging design in the E-commerce & Retail and Food & Beverage industries.