Green Gate London Colorful Packaging Design

Green Gate London creates wondrous health and beauty products from organic and premium ingredients. Parker Williams Ltd captured the premium essence of the brand with a riveting packaging design.

The key to the best packaging designs in the world is the ability to stand out on store shelves. Parker Williams delivers this with botanical illustrations that glow with the colors green, blue, and yellow, and purple, which showcase the company's homeopathic powders.

Green Gate London Colorful Packaging Design

A gold foil outlines the illustrations and beautiful logo design to create a visual spectacle for potential customers. Notice the color contrasting of the gold on the purple and off-white background.

It pops out. The gold adds a level of elegance to the brand which coincides with the premium product category.

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Green Gate London Sleek Packaging Design

The best packaging designs have unified themes that make the product line look like a collection. Notice the symmetry of the labels and typography of each product. Though each label has a different color, the symmetry makes the products gorgeous when next to each other on a store shelf.

Symmetry makes the products easy to spot. The product line also has a keen attention to detail, much like the attention to detail that Green Gate London implements in their product line.

One of their products blends fifty organic superfoods into a delicious shake. It replenishes the enzymes and boosts the immune system. The fact that Inessa Bauer, the founder of Green Gate London, individually sticks each label on each bottle by hand is even more awe-inspiring.

The intricate line work of the illustrations and logo all reflect Inessa’s care and love for her products. Incorporating key aspects of the founder of a company into the package design always works wonders in communicating a brand message.

The brand message here is this: Green Gate London cares.

Green Gate London Illustrated Packaging Design

Relevance in packaging design is mandatory. Here we have the actual super foods that Green Gate uses illustrated on the bottle. The close-up view shows the elegant beauty and powerful visual aesthetic that propels the brand to a premium product status.

Green Gate London Elegant Packaging Design

The effort placed on the inside of this product package is ravishing. Notice the symmetry of the four boxes. The overall theme is intact with each box representing a different week of use.

The intricate line work on the illustrations looks handcrafted by wizards with knowledge far superior to our own.

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Green Gate London Packaging Design

The Green Gate London product line is vast. Here we have a product line for men which consists of shave oils, cleansers, gel, and conditioner. An awesome blue and red Chinese dragon shine on the black background.

The best packaging designs in the world stand out on store shelves. To accomplish this, they incorporate relevance, attention to detail, and color contrast. Implementing these key aspects into your packaging design will elevate the product to levels beyond your imagination.

I have analyzed hundreds of designs ranging from websites to apps to packaging. The main staple that each and every design has in common is this:

They are different.

Do not be like the rest. Create something inspiring. Your customers will love you for it.

Green Gate London is a colorful packaging design in the Fashion & Beauty and E-Commerce and Retail industries.