NikeID Athlete’s Box Sleek Packaging Design

In celebration of the NikeID launch in Australia and New Zealand, Nike developed personalized shoe boxes for top athletes in each country. The boxes are beautifully designed, clean, and specific to each individual athlete.

NikeID Athlete’s Box Clean Packaging Design

The white sleeve hugs a black, soft-touch box that features Nike icons. These icons give the container a textured appearance, and the small details add to the design when you look closer. From a distance, the box seems like a clean, black and white design. Close up, the design is intricate and original. It’s like two boxes in one.

NikeID Athlete’s Box Beautiful Packaging Design

To add to the personalization aspect, there is a plastic sleeve on top of the shoes inside that features a quote from the athlete for whom the shoes were made. Once again, this is a small detail that emphasizes the individualization aspect of the NikeID campaign. This is where design meets marketing.

NikeID Athlete’s Box Packaging Design

Their clean design has so many small details that make it truly unique. The box feels luxurious, and the personalization aspect offers something that you don’t see from many other shoe companies. These boxes weren’t just made for athletes; their design is ready for social media sharing and photos. The clean format is breathtaking, and the finer details depict the effort and care that went into each package.

NikeID Athlete’s Box is a beautiful packaging design in the Fashion & Beauty and Sports & Leisure industries.