Phelps Brand Ninja Goggles

Phelps Ninja Goggles Packaging Design Introduces a New Wave of Branding for Competitive Swimming Goggles

Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian swimmer of our time, so it's no surprise that many up-and-coming athletes look up to him for inspiration.

But the sporting world isn't the only place where he's creating a legacy; he's also starting to make waves in business branding.

Phelps Ninja Goggles, his version of competitive swimming goggles, is setting a new trend, particularly in packaging design.

Apart from its premium, top-of-the-line looks, the product also aims for sustainability – a value proposition not many brands of competitive swimming goggles are offering these days.

In creating this brand masterpiece, Phelps tapped the packaging prowess of leading branding and packaging agency Deal Design. The agency collaborated with Aqua Lung America to craft a package matching the brand's leadership style and its founder's legendary achievements.

Phelps Ninja Goggles Packaging Sports a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Design That Moves To Leave Plastic Behind

Did you know box packaging design trends show that 73% of Gen Z consumers would pay more for sustainable goods? That's why eco-friendly packaging designs are taking the limelight nowadays!

Deal Design and Aqua Lung America did a marvelous job incorporating sustainability into this design.

Phelps Ninja Goggles stands out with its boxed beauty and recyclable inner workings in a sea of competitive goggles options covered in hard plastic cases and blister package sets.

Committed to reducing the brand's reliance on plastic, David Deal, principal of Deal Design, explained that "the total amount of plastic used is less than half of previous hard plastic cases, and it's 100% recyclable."

What a nod to sustainability!

Customers want eco-friendly packaging more because they are concerned about the impact of waste on the environment. That’s why packaging designers use innovative ways to help brands align with sustainability goals while meeting the expectations and values of environmentally-conscious consumers.

In addition, many customers view eco-friendly packaging as a sign of a company's commitment to social responsibility and are willing to pay a premium for environment-friendly products.

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Ninja Goggles Packaging Design

Phelps Ninja Goggles Packaging Design Is More Than Just a Package; It’s an Interactive Experience

Beyond sustainability, Phelps Ninja Goggles's packaging design is also packed with another A+ branding element: interactivity.

The design lets users engage with the product at every stage of the customer experience – from the moment the consumers see it on the shelf to unboxing the product at their homes.

How, exactly?

Deal Design created a rigid box with a hinged cover that opens, revealing the Ninja's build and technology as users explore the package.

Now, unboxing it is where the real fun starts!

The goggles and the unique strap design are wrapped around an engineered inner package of thin 100% recyclable PET. This guarantees that the goggles keep their curved shape, enabling exceptional performance in the water. The carrying bag and sizing parts are also stored inside the inner package.

In a time when consumers want highly-engaging product packages, this design is a winner!

Interactive design appeals to people because it provides a more engaging and memorable experience than traditional, basic designs. It’s exactly why branding agencies embrace this design principle to captivate and leave a lasting impression on customers.

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Allowing users to manipulate, control or explore a design can lead to a more meaningful and satisfying experience, increasing its marketing appeal!

A Premium, Athletic and Competitive Layout Elevates the Visual Impact of Phelps Ninja Goggles Packaging Design

Promising to deliver high performance and reliability, Phelps Ninja Goggles boasts a top-notch design and advanced technology. A premium build deserves premium packaging.

Instead of presenting it as just another goggle variant, Deal Design packaged the Ninja as if it were a consumer electronics product. It's like looking at fine hardware or a game-changing device!

Thanks to the stunning graphics and printing effects, the packaging design matches the leadership spirit of the Phelps brand. The simple yet futuristic typography, clean layout and neutral colors translated to a streamlined design that instantly catches the eye.

And to round out the design, the packaging creators added a nice pop of color!

Like winning a gold medal at the Olympics, the slanted gold strip enveloping the box is an excellent premium touch that takes the design up to the podium.

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