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Samsung Shows How To Elevate A Packaging Design Through Wooden Accents

Based in New York City, Imagemme focuses on creative branding and developing innovative packaging designs.

They partnered with Samsung, a South Korean multinational electronics company, for the Galaxy series packaging design. Coming from a well-exhausted motif, Samsung needed a design makeover.

And Imagemme lived up to the challenge.

What sets Samsung's packaging design apart from the usual designs in the mobile technology market are the fine wooden accents that effortlessly position the brand as elegant and high-end. From the get-go, this assures customers that they are getting only premium quality products – from the packaging material to the contents of the box.

A variation of this packaging comes in a square instead of the usual rectangular box.

A white paper wrap-around holds the three-layer packaging intact. Starting at the top-most layer is a corkboard cover, followed by a detachable layer containing the unit, then the Samsung cover placed at the bottom.

This aesthetic gives a more natural vibe, while still carrying Samsung’s luxurious branding that consumers from all over the world are very familiar with.

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Stylish and smooth

The Clean Aesthetics and Choice of Colors Reflect Samsung’s Sleek Branding

The agency created this packaging design in classic white and textured gray specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Note. Their choice of colors is easily worth applauding because these shades exude elegance in one look.

Its clean, white-colored outer box is subtly decorated with two diagonal gray swatches that mirror the shape of Samsung’s font style for the letter A. Adjacent to this is the brand name.

On the inside, consumers are greeted with a wrap-around gray carton that features the tagline “Do you note?” This catchphrase serves as a quirky welcome to what’s inside.

This also secures the main unit box. There’s a convex space on the right for consumers to easily pull the box out.

Imagemme also used similar design principles for the Samsung S Series. Still sporting the classy white box together with the brand name signature, this version has a russet brown triangular corner, adding dimension to the packaging design.

However, don’t mistake this for just an illusion. This corner slightly is chipped, mirroring the downward slope in the unit case inside.

Wood decals

Samsung’s Packaging Shines Through the Details

Packaging design trends may come and go but geometric designs will never go out of style. Professional packaging designers often incorporate clean lines, shapes and patterns to create appealing compositions that exude a sense of order and symmetry.

The agency added its flair for geometric patterns in Samsung’s packaging design. They decorated one side of the box with small triangular shapes and lines, creating a diamond-like illusion from afar.

This design move, combined with the agency’s choice of colors gives the packaging design more life and successfully draws consumers in. At the same time, its subtle execution enhances the unboxing experience and influences buyer purchasing reasons.

Minimal and modern

Samsung’s Signature Typography Adds the Finishing Touch to the Packaging Design

Branding experts will tell you that good typography enhances the character of any packaging. It’s a low-key design cue that others overlook. In this case, the agency blended all the elements with Samsung’s signature typography.

Brand fonts vary per placement in the packaging design. The exterior displays the brand name in capital letters, while the interior sports a different logo style. Product names are usually in boxed-type fonts. And to give emphasis to the Samsung Galaxy S Series product line, the agency used a stylized cursive font for the letter S.

Imagemme used typefaces that don’t overpower the entire design concept. The gray font color seems unassuming and complements the predominantly white color of the box.

Though it can be tempting to fill the box with product information, the agency made it a point to keep things toned down. Besides, the client’s branding is sophisticated and neat. Letting the brand name speak for itself is the best way to go for a tech magnate like Samsung.

The slight variations to the typefaces, which depend on the product line, match the overall look of the packaging as well.

Modular packaging

The Samsung Packaging Design Effortlessly Captivates the Crowd

The agency eliminated any distraction from the central focus of the packaging design which is the brand name and product model — two things that, in this case, don’t require an elaborate introduction.

This design execution clearly delivers the message. No fluff, no frills. It conveys the product’s qualities without having to rely on flashy graphics to draw attention.

However, do not mistake simple and minimalist with plain and boring.

Each version has a unique personality that goes well with the specific unit it holds. Not to mention the custom-made boxes that fully accommodate the product and the gadget accessories that come with it.

For rising up to the challenge and successfully doing so, Imagemme rightfully deserves to win the Best Design Award for their work on the Samsung packaging design.

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