Glossier Products Clean Packaging Design

Glossier is a makeup and skincare brand targeted at a young, millennial audience that is appreciative of simple and minimal style.

Established packaging design agencies are well-aware that said target demographic comes with its own set of challenges. Primarily, this means refocusing their efforts on an equilibrium between visually pleasing and streamlined design, no-nonsense efficiency and emphasis on sustainability. 

The makeup brand emphasizes the ease of using its products while still managing to get great results. Its products are meant to provide minimal coverage for a fresh and youthful look, and its packaging manages to convey that message.

Although each product is packaged differently, Glossier maintains its minimal aesthetic across its packaging. The result is a unique visual experience since no two products look the same. The balms are packaged in tubes, the cleanser is in a plastic bottle, and the toners are in translucent bottles. Apart from the ‘G’ Glossier logo and basic information about the product, Glossier has kept its packaging text-light. It’s not chaotic and doesn’t take away from the design experience, and yet manages to provide necessary information about the products.

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Glossier Minimalist Packaging Design

The colors used on most of the packaging are light shades of cream and pink, which complement each other spectacularly. Other colors include pastels like peach, sky blue, and mauve, which support the brand identity of the makeup company as a fun, young, and engaging brand. The packaging itself is sleek and modern: plain white tubes and containers have been used along with splashes of color to make it youthful.

Glossier Products

The names of the products are also engaging and fun: Balm Dotcom, Boy Brow, and Milky Jelly Cleanser are catchy names that are also easy to remember, adding a very appealing element to the packaging design. The products are finally packed in an attractive pink bubble-wrapped ziplock bag that can be further used by the consumer, adding an element of utility to the design.

Glossier Products Packaging Design

The packaging of Glossier’s products has been executed creatively and seamlessly, keeping in mind the brand’s emotional appeal to its market as a fun, young, and minimal skincare option.

Glossier is a minimalist packaging design in the eCommerce & Retail and Fashion & Beauty industries. 

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