Editorial Design by Wei-Che Kao Elegant Print Design

Wei-Che Kao is a Taiwan-based graphic designer, who has designed excellent print designs and book covers. His work combines color, culture, and a great sense of space and shapes.

Editorial Design by Wei-Che Kao Illustrated Print Design

Wei-Che Kao’s book covers range across several genres, including educational, fiction, and non-fiction. However, his excellent use of print design elements unites them, ensuring that they all look symbiotic.

One of the best designs is a book cover in a pastel shade of pink, not too dark and not too light. The color immediately catches the eye and ensures that attention is not detracted away from the design. The name of the book and author information is printed in Taiwanese symbols in black, light gray, and silver. All the colors complement each other well and contrast excellently with the pink cover, providing a visually very appealing look.

On the back side of the book cover, the font used is in a plain white, again providing an excellent contrast to the pink color. Well-spaced and balanced, it is easy to read and doesn’t take away the focus from the cover. The cover also features a rope in a knot-shape in the background, in slightly darker hues of pink and brown. It adds an elegant touch to the cover, giving off a sophisticated vibe.

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Editorial Design by Wei-Che Kao Illustrated Book Cover Design

Another great cover designed by Wei-Che Kao is a book titled “ A History of American Law,” which features a light black and gray cover, with an image of a pillar structure of an American court in the background, completely in line with the identity of the book.

The name of the book is printed in English in white upper-case letters, well-spaced and easy to read, yet ensuring that attention does not waver from the cover itself. In Taiwanese letters, the design uses a bright pink, contrasting excellently with the gray hues of the book cover, yet also complementing the color palette.

Editorial Design by Wei-Che Kao Print Design

Overall, Wei-Che Kao’s book cover designs excellently utilize elements like color, shape, and space, and accurately represent the identity of the books.

Editorial Design by Wei-Che Kao is an illustrated print design in the Arts & Recreation industry. 

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