Eyes Playful Print Design

Allow me to be frank and forthcoming -- leaflets and brochures are usually boring. They end up in the trash or recycled with other spam flyers you get in the mail.

To make a best print design leaflet, one must make it unique and creative. The whole point is to get people to digest important information. You do not want them to open up a page, only to forget the other six.

Here we have Eyes: A poster design by South Korean design consultancy Chuigraf. This leaflet was designed as a cool poster that also serves as a folded leaflet. The goal of Chuigraf (what a cool name) was to create this leaflet poster hybrid for an art exhibition with a gaze central theme.

We see the leaflet opened to reveal the words inside and a punctured hole that is present on some pages.

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Eyes Fun Print Design

The circle represents a graphic motif and symbolizes the flow of gaze. That is, the flow of the eyes which abstractly enter through a three-dimensional hole. This is a stunning example of creativity that stands out from the rest. Naturally, you want to open it to find out what is inside and learn more.

A cylindrical yellow shape appears on the front, along with Korean text and the art exhibition date.

Exploring the pages of the leaflet, one can see pictures and data charts. The text is condensed and small, but not cluttered. Most brochures have an obscene amount of text that encumbers the reader with information overload. We do not want that.

The leaflet begins to unravel and expand. It is akin to the unwrapping of a hand-wrapped Christmas gift from your Aunt Mary or Aunt Nancy (whomever gives you the good gifts).

The full unfolding of the leaflet morphs into a poster, as if the reader took an active role into information metamorphosis. How fun is this compared to a normal brochure? This thing expands like the universe after the big bang. Look at the punctured holes. The best print designs incorporate some sort of visual metaphor unique to the subject matter.

In this case, the art exhibition theme was the gaze of the eyes. These holes naturally draw the eyes in to gaze through them like a funnel. Beautiful color contrasting is used with a color gradient of pink to yellow and orange. Color gradients are great because they are the opposite of boring. They get the people goin’!

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Eyes Print Design

Here we see the leaflet against a white background. The colors look even more amazing against this white backdrop.

The use of negative space is also key. Negative space brings the viewer’s attention or gaze to the most crucial bits of messaging.

Eyes Colorful Print Design

When laid out side by side, the leaflet reveals the stunning simplicity of condensed text and the phrase “less is more.” Gone are the days of crowding small spaces of page that with text you can barely read (or want to, for that matter).

This is the era of minimalistic print design. Chuigraf utilized a metaphor of the subject matter by using physical holes to represent the gaze of the eyes and attention, and engaging color contrasting to further enhance the journey.

Eyes is a playful print design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries. 

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