Function Engineering Elegant Print Design

Function Engineering specializes in the mechanical design and engineering of product development for a range of consumer and industry-based equipment, robotics, and computing.

They approached Sagmeister & Walsh to help them create a new brand identity. The re-brand revolved around Function Engineering’s expertise in designing hinge and linkage mechanisms. The result was a typographic style based on a hinge/pivot system.

A series of icons, illustrations, and patterns were created for use both online and in print, which can be seen in the accompanying images.

The impact of the print designs comes from the simple yet effective style of the fonts and iconography. The clean and crisp feel to the designs represents a brand that prioritizes quality from the start, something that is important for an engineering company.

The font used in their updated logo and at some points throughout the printed materials represents that of an geometric structure and, to an extent, similar to a Mecano font.

Function Engineering Dark Print Design

The colors are minimalistic and showcase the importance that Function Engineering places on simple brilliance. The differing shades of white add to the constructive feel of the design and echoes the argument that a project undertaken by the company will be secure and successful from the start.

The designs used on the front of the above print materials include a range of geometric styles that appear to reflect some shapes or structures that you’d expect to see when operating in mechanical or product engineering.

As a whole, the print designs do an excellent job of using simplistic colors and fonts alongside subtle geometric details. The overall mechanical aspect of the designs perfectly complements the traits and objectives of Function Engineering.

Function Engineering Print Design

The subtle details in the individual icons created are difficult to spot at first glance, but upon closer inspection, they reveal the effort that went into capitalizing on the stereotypical perception of the engineering industry: detail and precision.

Function Engineering is an elegant print design in the Engineering and Technology industries.