M&A Wedding Invitation Practical Print Design

Wedding season is right around the corner, and what better way to announce your engagement or implore friends and family to save that oh-so-special date than a creative, textural invitation. 

Designed by creative agency M&A, these invitations come in eight different hues -- some bold and some neutral, to fit with whatever color scheme your wedding has. 

M&A Wedding Invitation Origami Print Design

These designs are unique because they omit the need for an envelope -- but not like a run-of-the-mill postcard. 

Instead, these invitations fold up like origami. Once received, they can be carefully unfolded piece-by-piece to finally show the contents. Since this design has minimal text, it has to be completely unwrapped to see what it says. 

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M&A Wedding Invitation Green Print Design

The invitations are printed with gold silkscreen in an elegant serif font to create a luxurious appeal. A laser-cut peony graces the background in an abstract illustration. 

M&A Wedding Invitation Print Design

The inner corners of the invitation contain the details of the invitation in a matching gold font. The agency prides itself on using a cotton-based paper, which doesn't turn yellow when stamped with the hot patterns. 

A matching business card filled with all the details accompanies the invitation. 

This print design will make every bride wonder why they waste time on boring invitation templates. Instead, they could wow their guests with a minimal yet interactive design.

M&A's Wedding Invitation is a practical print design in the hospitality and luxury industry. 

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