Very Condos Elegant Print Design

Very is a real estate company currently developing a residential area in Bangkok, Thailand. Their plan is to build condominiums and townhouses in the near future, allowing for small homes to still be luxurious and beautifully made. Geared towards young foreigners that work in Bangkok, the company needed a brand that reflected their objectives and also resonated with their target audience.

The minimalistic approach taken to the design was the foundation for what is a very clean, professional, and stylish brand. The print designs incorporate elements that spark curiosity — you can’t quite see the full photo in the brochure, for example, as it is partially covered up by stencil shapes which act as an overlay.

Very Condos Sleek Print Design

The use of copper foil only adds to the high-end, consistent feel of the brand. In many ways, it is a similar design to that of an up-market fashion brand, which amplifies the complex’s desire to be seen as exclusive and elegant, not just as another estate in a busy city.

The typographic logo is also reflective of a fashion or luxury brand. The reductionist, stencil-like approach to the logotype makes it almost behave like a monogram.

Very Condos Clean Print Design

In addition to the copper foil, the designs utilize black and white quite effectively. As is now an increasingly common theme, the black and white, combined with an accent color (in this case, copper) results in powerful messaging.

Very Condos Print Design

Overall, the designs are a minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing modern take on the traditional, spiky Thai patterns and graphic gestures. When viewing the designs, you’re fully aware that this is by no means a typical residential property, and by all means, it could be material for a high-end property in any city in the world. However, the ties to the oriental artwork ensure the cultural relevance is not lost.

Very Condos is an elegant print design in the Architecture, Luxury and Real Estate industries.