Stranger Love Songs Cool Print Design

Pop culture drives the cool of society. You know, the trends. What's hot and what's, well, not. Pop culture is the entirety of attitudes, perspectives, ideas and images, within the mainstream of a given culture.

Hot on the heels of pop culture phenomenon Stranger Things, Brazilian pop culture artist Butcher Billy decided to visualize the most iconic love songs as Stephen King-like book covers. Butcher Billy said:

"This series imagines an alternate universe in which some of the most hopeless, desperate and tragic heartbreak songs of the 70’s and 80’s were actually novels written by Stephen King. The concept is to look at the dark side of love through the lenses of pop culture, bringing twisted aspects of his classic stories to play with the original meanings of the songs – that can be completely subverted or strangely emphasized, while paying tribute to the vintage design of the original book covers.”

Stranger Love Songs Great Print Design

Let us take a closer look.

Love is not always the wonderful ride on magical ponies on rainbows and euphoric bliss that we imagine. Love can be hard. Love can shatter hearts into a million pieces and cause you to feel lost on the side of the rode living in a van down by the river like motivational speaker Matt Foley.

The above photo (and, frankly, the rest) are extremely dark. We have two knives entering a heart, tearing it apart. The book cover is black and rugged, and this cover theme aesthetic is used throughout Butcher Billy’s series. A cohesive and central theme is a quality that all best print designs have in common.

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Stranger Love Songs Vintage Print Design

Two skeleton lovers speak their truth under a light bulb. This is a play on love that lasts forever. Love is the light that we want to never end. To be on the verge of death with your significant other is worth it to these skeletons. For it is their love that still glows bright, like a light in heaven.

Stranger Love Songs Print Design

Another example of awesome metaphorical illustration is shown with a shovel and a casket. How deep is your love? Will your love bury me? The coffin and shovel convey the pain of heartbreak. The deeper that love is, the greater the risk of pain, akin to death.

Stranger Love Songs is a vintage print design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries. 

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