JAB Design Corporate Video Design Packs A Punch With Energetic Music, Confident Storytelling & 2D Animation

JAB Design Corporate Video Design Makes The Analogy Between Professional Branding & Athletic Excellence

JAB Design is a branding agency from Singapore.

In order to raise awareness of their company and services, they created a minute and 30-seconder video that details their work philosophy and client services.

JAB design video design combines two main elements: a distinct 2D animation and a carefully scripted narration. The result is a powerful service ad video that invokes strength and energy.

A very tense and dynamic boxing match is the foundation of Jab Design’s video design animation. For the entirety of the video, overlapping scenes from the boxing arena depict the matchup between two heavyweights.

Their figures and faces - as well as everyone else’s in the video - are in the shadow, bathed in different ambient lighting, from blue and green to red and purple.

The fact that video protagonists are nothing but silhouettes is a cunning use of symbolism that stands for the concept of a brand agency being a fighter. One of the boxing champions represents the company and its work that fends off the competition as the crowd of onlookers (market and clients) cheer on.

Continuous metaphors and play on words throughout the narration support this notion: “It all starts with powerful jabs” and “Creative solutions that pack a punch.” make a clear correlation between the boxing and the agency’s heavyweight services.

JAB Design’s Four Core Values Make An Appearance In The Video

JAB agency’s mission statement asserts four values that uphold their work: simplicity, speed, scalability and synergy.

These four concepts were translated into the context of boxing. They are, according to JAB’s video, the four key ingredients to delivering “a knockout” to “wear down your opponent and open up your opportunities.”

The core values help the agency drive its clients’ message and empower them to achieve the desired result. The video elaborates on these UVPs at length – in fact, these values take up a majority of the video by emphasizing how they help prospective clients stay ahead of the curve.

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2D Animation And Streamlined Colors Lend Uniqueness To JAB Design Video

2D animation has made something of a comeback in the commercial video industry in recent years. The oversaturation with complex, elaborate post-production has driven many video producers to return to simplicity and clarity.

JAB Design’s video is all about realistically animated boxing fighters, changing surroundings and opaque, overlapping elements in the background. Colors are very uniform throughout the entire video and never exceed one or two shades at the same time.

The slightly gritty aesthetics fit the theme and don’t distract the viewer from the messaging.

It is worth noting that the video has no textual aids that emphasize important bits of the story. Simply listening to the video in the background works just as well when it comes to message delivery and retention.

Dynamic Sounds Complement JAB Design Videos’ Vigorous Imagery

This video packs a punch not only with its storytelling but also with its soundtrack.

The confident male narrator is in charge of the carefully constructed script oriented towards the benefits of working with JAB Design. His storytelling provides a convincing and professional messaging backed by the extensive portfolio of work found on the agency’s website.

Meanwhile, the music is an upbeat, electronica-infused instrumental hip-hop that adds a bullish dimension to the video and perfectly aligns with the animation style and storyline.

The sound production is on point as well. The narrator and the music are never in conflict with one another. Music is mixed neatly into the background and is just the right amount of loud and audible.

JAB Design Corporate Video Design Communicates Expertise & Passion To Be At The Top Of The Game

JAB Design’s corporate video is the victorious fusion of on-brand visuals and on-point narration.

This promotional video design abandons complexity for coherence and ticks all the boxes in emphasizing the benefits of working with the agency. As branding pioneers, they have masterfully employed visual storytelling to communicate their value proposition and highlight their unique strengths.

The passion and determination to be the best in their business emanate from the video’s every frame and sequence.

To sum it up, JAB Design discusses their thought process when creating this award-winning video and we can all definitely learn a thing or two:

“As part of the pre-production phase, before even thinking about the video, we’re thinking about your audience and your brand. This is our thought process in a nutshell:

  • Who are they?
  • What are they looking for?
  • How does your product or service resonate with them?
  • How does the video look and feel like, with your existing brand positioning and visual identity in mind?

The answer to these and more questions lays the foundation for the concept. This is key to developing the USP and style of the video.”

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