Main Line Health Video Delivers Specific Solutions To The Pandemic Crisis With A Clear Message & Timely Visual Aids

Main Line Health Video Design Discusses How To Tackle Mental & Behavioral Issues Triggered By The Pandemic

Main Line Health is a non-profit health system in Philadelphia, whose digital initiative for raising awareness of mental health issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has its own video campaign, courtesy of Forge Apollo branding agency.

Main Line Health video design, clocking at 1:15, raises the often-overlooked kind of health crisis triggered by the pandemic – behavioral health. It addresses the needs of those who not only got infected by the virus but also those suffering from the economic and emotional impact it brought forward.

The organization has developed a virtual experience to “educate, engage and inspire” the community to help serve the needs of those affected. The platform examines behavioral health through four different perspectives: disease, behavioral, dimensional and life story.

The video advertises this much-needed service using focused messaging and simple visual aids that reinforce the point with their emotional impact. It exemplifies how innovative video producers can effectively convey complex information and evoke empathy.

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Comforting & Clear Narration Delivers All The Vital Information On The Main Line Health Video

The critical aspect of any educational and promotional video is messaging and narration. An amiable female voice talks through the Main Line Health’s initiative with great enunciation, elocution and overall delivery.

With brief pauses adding to the emotive intonation, the narrator opens with the pain point: the pandemic as a root of mental health issues. Aided by films of humans battling through their daily lives, it quickly shifts focus to the solution that Main Line Health aims to provide.

The narrator communicates all the main points of the virtual solution: what it is, the specific ways in which it helps people and what the viewer needs to do in order to contribute.

Covering all of these bases in a little over one minute is not a simple feat, so it was up to copywriters to condense the message in a way that conveys all the essentials within the set timeframe.

Main Line Health Video Design Combines Different Visual Executions To Engage Viewers

The video combines multiple visual executions to create a video that is engaging from start to finish. There are professionally filmed segments, as well as 2D animations, 3D icons, bits of text and screenshots.

Most branding experts strive for consistency and cohesiveness in their designs. In this case, the color palette is deliberately kept uniform, with blue and white as the main colors.

The visuals follow the narrator closely. Images and texts emphasize and/or elaborate on the points made during the narration to bolster the message’s most important parts. Another important thing to note is that there are never too many visual elements on the screen at the same time.

The high-definition video quality certainly helps with the video’s message retention: the crystal-clear picture makes everything easily perceptible.

Sound And Visual Design On The Main Line Health Video Inspires Just As It Informs

Both the audio and visual elements of the Main Line Health video design stand very well on their own – but it’s the combination of both that delivers a holistic experience and gets the main idea across effectively.

The narrator is not the only source of sound in the video – there are also the repetitive, uplifting piano chords strumming in the background. The music perfectly syncs with the tone of the narration, as well as its climax and finale.

Portions of the video that include filmed footage required some post-production editing work, although the filming at the set included professional lighting and all the other equipment needed to make a quality video.

Main Line Health Video Design Is A Thought-Provoking Video Experience

Main Line Health video design discusses an important and sensitive subject in a very objective manner. It offers a peek into the mental health system and proposes different solutions and calls to take action.

Without focusing too much on the organization itself (Main Line Health’s logo appears in the video’s introduction and outro), this video manages to open the discussion and spread awareness on an issue that hits millions of people worldwide. This approach is similar to how documentary video producers can shed light on important social issues without overshadowing the subject.

The unique virtual experience this health organization has created required a compelling promotional campaign, and that’s what this video essentially is. By combining to-the-point messages, delivered in an understandable fashion and simplistic visuals, it gets the points across quickly and clearly.

Without being too flashy, as the occasion requires a more low-key appearance, the video design demonstrates that the key to retaining the audience’s attention is having a clear purpose that people can understand and act upon.

This reason alone is enough for the Main Line Health video to win the Best Design Award.

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