Adobe Digital Media Explainer

Social media and digital marketing are vital components of any business involved in ecommerce—shares, likes, and retweets all drive potential customers to websites, who then spend money on those sites. The Adobe Marketing Cloud is a perfect tool for managing all the components of a digital marketing campaign.

To walk through the features of Adobe Marketing Cloud, the video follows an ecommerce shop that sells hoodies. A woman (presumably the shop owner) sits at a well-organized desk, a sample of the product to her left, and browses the Adobe social media organizer on a modern computer. On the desk is an office phone, a full pencil cup, notebooks, an orange stapler, a vase of flowers, and several desk toys.

To highlight the program’s features, the camera zooms in on the computer, and animated graphics scroll out from the side like a second screen. Information and statistics hover over stylized banners, and show the viewer what kind of information the program tracks, and why the data is useful to the business.

Through exceptional visuals, the key message of the video is portrayed: the more you know about the people buying your product, the more you’ll be able to sell them, and the more new customers you’ll be able to find. Stylized statistics show, for example, how people who navigated to the site via a social media offer spent significantly more money than those who found the site through other means.

A key feature highlighted in the video is the real-time tracking of social media shares, depicted through an infographic style animation showing statistics on how a single tweet reached hundreds of people and drove a massive amount of traffic to the site.

The woman at the desk closes the Adobe Marketing Cloud program on her computer, and leaves with a satisfied smile on her face. The design, acting, and narration in the video all lead the viewer to a want the power of the Adobe Marketing Cloud for their business. The video ends with a white screen, at the center of which is the green Adobe Marketing Cloud logo.

Anyone involved in small business will find this video absolutely enthralling, and those in positions of digital marketing will finally have a tool that manages all of the data they track every day.

Adobe Digital Media Explainer is an engaging demo video