Masterpiece for Osmo

Technology is continuously being integrated into our lives, from smartphones to smartwatches, and the things we can create with this technology are limitless. Those technological advancements that matter most, though, are the ones that help us master the things we want to do in life. Masterpiece is one such app that takes learning a new skill to a completely different level.

The commercial takes place in a home art studio. There is a bright ambiance throughout, and the home has a modern, updated look with large windows for natural light. A man sits at an easel and canvas, painting dark, thick brushstrokes on a white surface. He’s surrounded by former paintings at the foot of the walls, a desk to his right has a neat array of paint brushes and used paints.

The deliberately designed art studio is complimented by a room opposite, styled similarly but with a hint of childhood. Using an iPad, a young girl takes a picture of the painting man (presumably her father) and sits down at her desk, setting up the Masterpiece app. The girl’s desk is decorated with souvenirs and stocked with art supplies.

The music matches the set and lighting perfectly, with a whimsical and happy tune set to piano, strings, and bells. Every element of the ad comes together to form a message, which tells the viewer that if they use this app, not only will they be able to have the features of the app and learn to be a better artist, but an accomplished feeling will accompany them when they use the app.

The video closes with the girl sharing the picture she made with her father and, through the app’s messaging feature, her grandmother as well. The camera goes blurry and focuses on the Osmo logo as it animates onto the screen in circular, round letters.

For beginning artists, no home art studio is complete without the Masterpiece app. And for anyone simply wanting to learn how to draw, it all starts with plugging in an iPad.

Masterpiece for Osmo is a great demo and commercial video.