20 Ft Radio Dark Homepage

20 Ft Radio is an online radio service that brings a wide array of content to the world with a platform like no other. They’ve cultivated a following that’s morphed into a community, and now they’ve become a complete representative of the culture and aesthetic that comes with their underground radio brand.

This home page serves a great clue into how they’ve formatted their design to best construct a specific branded experience. As soon as users enter, one of their radio stations begin to play, giving users an immediate sense of what they can expect from the company.

Additionally, a rotating scroll advertising different shows and stations can be seen in the middle of the screen, giving a visual sense of the style and features of the site. Finally, at the bottom there’s a deep vertical catalog of all the events coming up that 20 Ft is a part of. All of these elements combine to create a sense that 20 Ft are in every way linked into modern music culture.

Whether it’s events, programming, or music, this designer has created a home page that lays it all on the table and forces users to confront how awesome 20 Ft really is.

20 Ft Radio Dark Website Design

This page is an episode list for one of 20ft’s weekly radio shows. Users can listen to the most recent or their favorite past show from the convenient drop down menu at the bottom of the page.

What’s more, each episode comes with a list of the songs played so users understand what the show and episode were all about. The embedded music player sits very easily in the center of the screen and enables users to listen while they browse.

Again, this designer has loaded a lot into the page and created a very comprehensive experience that lends its multiplicity to the brand of the company as well.

20 Ft Radio Dark Product Page

This page is a more visual view of all the shows on 20 Ft’s network. Users can interpret these icons and titles to understand what each show is about. Additionally, by providing a strong visual representation of the show, users will then be fully prepared to experience the show’s purely auditory experience.

This page’s design compliments the entire site well and brings a bit of visual aesthetic to a site hinged on listening. This fullness of sense engagement contributes to the all-encompassing nature of the site, and 20 Ft has their designer to thank for that.

20 Ft Radio is a best website design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.