Southampton FC Amazing Homepage

Southampton FC is an English football team that dared to created a sports website different from the majority of the websites out there.

The left hand side navigation is a nice alternative to the top navigation that was almost completely abandoned a few years ago, but it just works here: they only needed to display a few navigation links, add the Register and Sign In areas and that's all. They make it sticky, so you can always navigate through the website, no matter where you are or how much you have scrolled. The hero features the latest news from the team and is the ideal place to advertise their products. It is quite a large area, but there is attention to detail and the photography has great quality, so it works very well even in larger screens.

The right hand side is taken by the table presenting the latest position and points of the team and the rest of the homepage is basically an accordion containing news/posts created in the week before this one.

Southampton FC Amazing Website Design

Again, the whole screen is filled with information, in this case football players' photos. You can look at the whole team of filter by player position. The red/black/white combination works very well on top of the photos, and the large text gives it a very modern feel.

Southampton FC Amazing Menu Design

Visit this page if you want to know more about this football team. History, Services, Media and Press and a lot of other info is under the "More" item on the menu, which makes perfect sense considering that the average user of this website will be visiting it to read news and know about the latest results. This page has a nice grid with a red hover effect over photography that works perfectly, not only because it is consistent with the website's design but also because it's very easy for the user to find what he is looking for.

Southampton FC is an amazing website design in the Sports & Leisure industry.