Gilbert Han Awesome Website Design

It only makes sense that a professional designer should have a very well-designed website. Gilbert Han uses his website as a portfolio, an introduction to himself, and a showcase of his skills. Of course, if a designer wants to use a website as a portfolio; it better be a beautiful website.

Gilbert Han Awesome Projects Page

Each page takes up an entire browser window and displays a single project. Bright, high-quality images are used which immediately attract your eye as you scroll down the website. The typography is bright and fits with the theme of the rest of the website. There is not an overwhelming amount of text. Instead, Gilbert Han has a button which allows visitors to learn more about a specific project if they want to.

Gilbert Han Awesome Project Page

Clicking the button beside a project photo will provide much more information about each specific project. The pages contain much more text but they are still clean and well-organized. Colorful photos of each project complement the page and break up the text to make it easy for the viewer to move along the page. Gilbert Han is a designer and he clearly has an eye for design when it comes to the layout of his website. Even when viewers choose to learn more about projects, Gilbert is careful not to subject users to a wall of text. The placement of everything has a purpose.

Gilbert Han Awesome About Page

Near the bottom of the main page is a better introduction to Gilbert. His photo is the main anchor point for the eye. The typography is simple and the text gives a good overview of what Gilbert is currently doing for work.

Another great part of the website is the slider on the right. It is static with a blue circle moving throughout to indicate the page position. If a viewer reaches the bottom of the page and wants to jump back up to a specific project; all they have to do is click.

Take note designers: if you want to have a portfolio site then your website design should be just as good as the work that you do. Gilbert’s website is clean and professional while still showcasing his unique design skills. Everything comes together to make a very nice, complete package.

Gilbert Han is an awesome website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.