Theory 11 Beautiful Homepage

Theory11 launched in 2007 with a team of 11 artists united with the purpose of advancing, inspiring, and creating wonder. Since that moment, Theory11 has propelled forward to become the largest community of magic creators, with over 1,500 registered artists and hundreds of thousands of members around the world.

Theory 11 Beautiful About Page

With the nature of its industry and the characteristics of its people, the grand entry is more onto the “About” page. To pay homage to the magicians, the interface is designed to have film posters appeal and power. Likely to be Inspired also by the film’s marketing technique - the four-step formula -- attention, interest, desire, and action -- this page is created to promote the company and to intrigue audience towards magic power. A series of mysterious imagery composition, topped with beautiful typography and dynamic elements, mixed with the multimedia presentation on one long-scrolling page is eye-grabbing. In addition, the designer used a wealthy mixture of layouts to present rich contents with unmissable call-to-actions to form an intuitive user environment. This page gives a glimpse into what the company is about and creates a major incentive to dig deeper or buy the tricks.

Theory 11 Beautiful Product Page

It was of the utmost importance that theory11’s website design matched the hyper-specific details and luminous quality that they produce for each of their products. Style matters! The designer put an incredibly large emphasis on the display of each product page ensuring each new product release from theory11 had its own branded look and feel while living in the websites’ universal branded system. It turns out to be a truly custom tailored online shop. The seamless user interface and the flawless development together created the extensive shopping experience. Theory11 also provides a painless buying experience no matter where users are or what device they are using.

Be a big community of magic-lovers, Theory11 also aims of letting their members be able to login with ease and experience their own personal accounts in a unique way. Hence, the designer took many of the branded elements throughout the site and created a more organized and stylish look for them. The theory11’s website is a living proof of the pixel-perfect design with programming altogether.

Theory 11 is a beautiful website design in the Arts & Recreation, E-commerce & Retail and Entertainment industries.