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John F. Kennedy: The 35th President of the United States.

Lee Harvey Oswald: The man who assassinated the 35th President.

The story is known, but now you can take the opportunity to experience the details of these two men’s lives in the revolutionary movie "Killing Kennedy."

Man versus man. That’s the imagery put forward as you enter the website. A dynamic and dark photograph of Rob Lowe as John F. Kennedy shows him looking off into the distance, as if staring out at the future he imaged for the United States.

His positioning is open and inviting to the audience. Meanwhile, Will Rotthaar takes on Lee Harvey Oswald, closed off to the audience with his focus solely on John F. Kennedy. The initial imagery is strong, giving a serious and ominous feeling to the page. While you know the history, the image is still chilling, as you prepare yourself for the rest of the site.

A rendezvous with death. Two men racing toward a singular historical event, where only one would walk away. Scroll downward on “Killing Kennedy” to read the dynamic story of these two men. Using aged photographs from both of their lives, you’re tossed back in time to relive their experiences.

Every roll of your mouse changes the visuals. Effects move text boxes and illustrations on and off the screen atop the changing background photograph. Each segment of Kennedy and Oswald’s lives uses a different color tag to guide you, making it easy to know where things begin and end. With each scroll, you fall further into the historical events and find yourself connecting with the men involved. The choice is a brilliant way to create an interactive experience, allowing you complete control in how you take everything in.

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Killing Kennedy Top Website Design

Once you’ve gone through their life stories, make your way across the website for more information about the actual movie "Killing Kennedy." Here you’ll find a gallery of videos and photographs showcasing everything from historical images to previews of the movie. Grayscale and color photographs pop off the black background. 

“Killing Kennedy” pulls heavily on the user’s heartstrings as they divulge into the lives of JFK and the man who assassinated him. The highly interactive platform allows users the chance to control what they’re reading and creates an optimal user experience.

Killing Kennedy is a great website design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.

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