21 Capital website home page screenshot

21 Capital’s Website Stands Out With Sophisticated, Minimalistic Design

Even though the investment company 21 Capital offers expertise in complex issues – qualitative and quantitative asset management and digital asset intelligence within the blockchain field – its website conveys a clear, easily understandable message right from the start.

Scrolling down the page triggers lazy loading to introduce text and images when they’re needed. The effect of lazy loading improves the page load speed and prevents visitors from being overwhelmed with all the content at once.

White letters on a dark background add up to the overall minimalistic yet sophisticated look, while the moving background gives a dynamic feel to 21 Capital’s website.

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21 capital website white page sidebar screenshot

Swift Animations Give A Dynamic Look And Feel To 21 Capital’s Website

Every page on 21 Capital’s website loads with sleek motion graphics in the background. In addition, swift animations in the form of vertical and horizontal lines throughout the website provide a dynamic look and feel.

Line-shaped animations are triggered by hovering over or clicking on a certain element. Once triggered, lines start to move around to separate blocks of text or they appear to highlight the logo, underline active links and bring out important elements on the page.

A vertical line on the left side stands for both a sidebar and a breadcrumb trail as it reveals the page number and tells visitors exactly where they are at every given moment.

Not only are these motion graphics non-distractive, but they also level up the performance of 21 Capital’s website and make it stand out among other technology websites.

21 Capital invest pages clean typography screenshot

Clean Typography On 21 Capital’s Website Is Nicely Aligned With Content Hierarchy

Font choice, font size and line hight on t 21 Capital’s website are just right – not too big, not too small. Such clean typography gives a uniform look and places a copy in a close-up view.

The importance of written content on the page is enhanced by the placement of text within the layout – bigger text blocks are placed in the middle, while smaller ones are usually at the right-bottom side.

Different sizes of text blocks clearly indicate content hierarchy and the importance of information on the page, while white space allows the content to breathe and leaves room for comprehension.

The typography on this website also helps users easily read through the page to find the information they are looking for.

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21 Capital website contact page screenshot

21 Capital’s Website Offers A High Level Of Usability With A Touch Of Luxury

Elegant and accessible registration and subscription forms with on-brand elegance are also among the strongest elements of 21 Capital’s website.

None of the elements on these pages are pushy, aggressive or overwhelming.

On the contrary – design elements are consolidated, with a gentle touch of luxury, including the navigation menu, forms, CTA buttons and more. The balance between elements makes the website highly usable and helps translate design into business success.

The simple layout also improves the page loading speed. Fast-loading pages enhance user experience, increase usability and invite potential customers to explore the website and learn more about 21 Capital’s services.

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21 Capital website navigation menu screenshot

The Mix Between Dark And Light Pages Adds A Perfect Balance To 21 Capital’s Website

To captivate users even more, 21 Capital uses a mix of dark and light pages, as well as a mix of black and white elements on each page.

At a first glance, the majority of the website seems to be dark, but pages with a white background are equally represented.

While low-light pages provide depth, the bright sections break up the monotony and successfully highlight certain segments of the website, such as the Contact, Partners and Invest pages.

What Is 21 Capital?

21 Capital is a global, research-based company dedicated to the active management of blockchain technologies and digital asset-based instruments.

As stated on the About page, 21 Capital is “led by a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds and deep qualitative and quantitative expertise in active modeled asset management, digital asset intelligence and blockchain technology.”

Being deeply rooted in fundamental market research, this company provides clients and investors with easy access to innovative, disruptive projects and the website does a great job of showcasing its diversified specialties across a wide range of blockchain sectors.

With a classy layout arranged with style, everything on this website neatly falls into place. The balance between text and white space, as well as between dark and light pages, makes the design elements visually and aesthetically appealing to potential customers and allows the brand to stand out among the rest.

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