NeoRig Great Homepage

Teamwork often makes power exponentially more effective, uniting unique perspectives, tools, and creativity to achieve brilliant results. NeoRig is one such international venture. German and American minds have collaborated to create high-tech construction and drilling systems for the contemporary age. Their site design demonstrates much of the same forward-thinking as their company model.

A snazzy, navy-blue logocleverly uses negative space to draw the eye to the center of the home page. The site is set against a solid-white backdrop, highlighting shades of blue in various photographs staggered across the page. Each image exhibits information or a sample of NeoRig’s products.

NeoRig Great Website Design

Symmetry in shapes and angles throughout each page create an implicit visual connection to the construction products. While many websites use a horizontal layout to attract attention, this site approaches design differently to visually depict the power of the upright drills.

Thin, vertical lines with identical spacing appear in a gray hue and streak down each page, drawing the eye to moving vertical word art that describes each section of the site. Menu options appear on the upper right of the screen in an icon consisting of three vertical lines. When users click, the page moves down in chunks to reveal the main navigation page. As users scroll to the end of the page, blue rectangles move to reveal text headings and to unfold more of the page.

NeoRig Great Product Page

Users can quickly access pages with simple product options. One click, and users are led to short descriptions of different available drilling rigs and other tools they may need. The written content on each page stays consistent with the philosophy of the company—action and quality. Action-oriented phrases connect users to the product on each page in a descriptive manner. Small lines react to user interaction and morph into arrows that motivate users to explore more.

Product pages and other locations across the site use large images beside minimal written content. The font families of this information use thin properties and wide spacing to create a coherent schematic. These simple design elements combine a contemporary look with a clean experience, making the UX interesting and the entire interface clean and accessible for international engagement.

NeoRig is a great website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.