Ogilvy Professional Homepage

Are you looking for the company that can bring your business justice in the marketing department? Turn to Ogilvy, where your company is a priority and everything your company needs is taken care of.

A big company with a big name, which respectively means a big website that makes a big impact is in order. Through their home page, Ogilvy offers up a little bit of everything to draw you in. From featured projects to recently published news articles, you’re guaranteed to find something that will intrigue you!

The page relies on a clean and organized presence to help you find your way around. Light gray text boxes contrast the white background choice the company employs, while sharp photographs make them easy to see. Keep an eye on the colored borders! You’ll find they’re the perfect way to know what kind of information you’re looking at. The combination is a versatile one to help give you a complete preview of the company before you dive into any given page.

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Ogilvy Clean About Page

The history of Ogilvy is an extensive one, but it’s important in helping you understand the company dynamic. Maintaining the minimal color appearance, the company’s history is highly detailed down a long page.

The small font condenses the paragraphs into easier to read segments, keeping your attention on the page as you go. Scattered through the text is a number of old time photographs and news articles. Incorporating both gives the text authenticity, marking its age while simultaneously testifying to how far the company has come into their own.

Ogilvy Clean Contact Page

With worldwide offices, Ogilvy makes themselves readily available for your use. Find the office closest to you or pick a new one to explore! The gray map on the page comes to life with vibrant red dots, pinpointing each office. Presenting you with the break down of their contact information relies on the organization to guide you down the page. A cross of black and red with bold and normalized font assists in this, allowing for easy reading.

Ogilvy has so much to offer potential clients and their website is a true testament to that. Strong organization is key to creating a user-friendly experience, while crisp photographs and a strong attention to detail add a pleasant visual spin.

Ogilvy is a professional website design in the Advertising, Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.

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