Feed Projects Elegant Website Design

What if you could buy top-quality fashion accessories and change the lives of children by keeping them from going hungry... all at the same time? With Feed Projects, you can do exactly that.

Upon hitting the site’s homepage, users are greeted immediately by a pop-up modal window in the form of a creative call to action and reward. Who doesn’t love rewards? A dynamic set of alternating fonts combined with a black-against-white backdrop draws the eyes to the proposed question. The enticing offer is beautifully framed by a colorful border to offset the initial monochromatic theme.

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Feed Projects Elegant Blog Page

Easy navigation is vital for a user-friendly experience, and Feed Projects makes navigation a breeze with an easily-accessible header menu. Encased by a white color bar, the simple font makes for simple reading. The continued monochromatic theme brings that simplicity full circle.

Creatively named “The Daily Feed,” the site’s blog is the optimal platform to keep up with Feed Project and what they’re up to.

An infinite scroll down the page loads dozens upon dozens of articles so you won’t run out of things to read. With the site’s emphasis on placing the user-friendly experience first, the blog comes equipped with a secondary menu that improves the blog navigation.

Posts are beautifully pieced together with stunning photographs to catch your interest. Adding to piquing your intrigue, blogs are simply titled in big and bold fonts to complement the image.

Feed Projects Elegant Product Page

Selling bags and raising money is what Feed Projects does, so a strong storefront is clearly needed. The extensive number of products offered makes diving in and shopping for hours a possibility with the emphasis on a friendly user experience.

Placed on a white backdrop, the company introduces each product with a highly-defined photograph that showcases the important little details.

Plus, move your mouse over the image and watch it flip over in response to show off the backside as well! The simplistic font doesn’t distract from the imagery, while still offering up the basic need-to-know information about the product in question.

A user-friendly site that focuses on the important details, Feed Projects’ site offers an easy-to-navigate platform and a simplified layout. Pristine imagery tops off the experience to create a visually appealing website.

Feed Projects is an elegant website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Fashion & Beauty industries.

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