A-dam Colorful Homepage

Got balls? A-dam does! A-dam is a men’s underwear company dedicated to designing the best possible pair of boxers ever. And, they may have very well succeeded.

The company makes use of rotating designs in multiple colored backgrounds and styles, and they first introduce consumers to their page with the enticing phrase, “Got Balls?”

A-dam works hard to work light—that is, to keep the air of their website light and fun. After all, shopping for underwear does not need to be a serious endeavor for anyone. The company ignores heavy backgrounds and big designs, opting for a wide amount of negative space to put all of the focus on their product. Photographs from the home page make use of color boxes and three-dimensional buttons, adding a dynamic edge to the page.

To make navigation through the entire website simple, A-dam utilizes a sliding screen menu on the left side that can be accessed on any page. Consumers are able to explore the company, view Instagram stories of strangeness (like viewing a man riding a bike in his fantastic A-dam boxers), and even connect with A-dam on any of their social media platforms.

A-dam Colorful Product Page

Keeping things fun and whimsical in the product store, A-dam lets consumers shop for boxers with animated graphics highlighting something fantastic about each boxer design. With a deep scroll, consumers can examine a number of designs, colors, and styles. Boxers are organized in a varied grid format with two columns, and they’re surrounded by a white negative space to make each one stand out on its own.

When the perfect pair (or pairs) has been found, consumers can add the boxers to their cart in a breeze and checkout on a safe and secure platform where all of their information is kept private.

A-dam Colorful Contact Page

Interested in feeling the fantastic material of these boxers for yourself? A-dam presents an interactive map page that shows the number of stores they currently have and in what countries, making it easy for consumers to find a store directly and pay them a visit.

A-dam’s use of humorous wordplay, striking colors, and entertaining animated effects make for a totally unique shopping experience. Consumers are sure to love the fun and friendly nature of the e-commerce website.

A-dam is a colorful website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Fashion & Beauty industries.