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Warby Parker’s Simple Website Design Took Them From Online Sensation To Brick & Mortar Success

Warby Parker is an eyewear company that aims to provide affordable eyewear to the people that need it. It was started by a group of students who were looking for designer eyewear at prices they could afford. They realized that the industry had been, up to this point, dominated by one retailer and aimed to shake up the status quo.

They outline this on their website:

Warby Parker was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for socially conscious businesses. Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: glasses are too expensive.

From this, in 2010, the company was born.

While now headquartered in New York, New York and with brick and mortar locations across the country and in Canada, this eyewear company started out online. It found major success as solely an online retailer — and over the years became an international sensation.

As the buzz around the business grew so did tensions. The company was inundated with emails asking to try on glasses in store, and it got to the point that founder Neil Blumenthal started inviting people into his own home to give the glasses a spin.

By 2013, the company knew they had to open a storefront, and they chose SoHo in New York City as their first brick and mortar location. Today, the company is valued at $1.75 billion.

Ever since their popularity has continued to rise. They’ve become more popular and prominent on social media, and their presence has gone global. But it’s important to understand what garnered them so much success in the first place — their website design.

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Warby Parker Product Page

Warby Parker’s Visually-Driven Web Design Approach Streamlines Usability

When you first enter the website, you’re welcomed by a very visually-driven design. The white background works as the perfect backdrop for the vivid images that take up the majority of the screen.

The copy is minimal. Calls to action are clear. And the images paint a clear picture as to what users can expect from the e-commerce site. The layout of this site is crisp and clean. It isn’t cluttered. It isn’t corporate. It isn’t in your face. It’s smooth and fluid and refreshing.

Clicking through, you’re welcomed with similar imagery and minimal options. At the top of the screen, there is no confusing or chaotic drop-down menu. All you have to do is click an option and it takes you to a page. There, you again only have one decision to make — glasses for a man of glasses for a woman.

Warby Parker Filters

Simple Navigation Gives Warby Parker’s Website Design A Competitive Edge

The visuals aid in making your journey throughout the website extremely clear. There is no messing about. No searching for what you want. If you want eyeglasses, you click eyeglasses. If you want sunglasses, you choose sunglasses.

And once you get to the page with the products, you’re once again welcomed with a crisp, clean and minimal landing page.

Each pair of glasses gets its own name — a real name, not something concocted in a lab or marketing conference room. These names are cute and fun and extremely personal — adding a friendly and approachable touch to the overall website design.

Searching through styles is a breeze, and you are given an immediate understanding of how these glasses will look on you. The design is approachable and convenient. It’s easy to navigate and easy to understand.

Filters are minimal but effective. They give you clear-cut options to search for in an easily clickable fashion. The designers behind this website really wanted to take all the stress and guesswork out of finding the perfect pair of glasses for you.

Warby Parker CTA

Warby Parker’s Website Tools Add Efficiency And Fun To The User Experience

Clicking on a pair, you’re given two calls to action — to try or to buy. These are extremely effective and friendly calls to action. They approach the user as a human being and align themselves as people who care — not a corporation that’s out to make money.

This personality is echoed in the “Staff Picks” stickers that line the products. This shows a dedication on the part of the Warby Parker team to get involved and get invested. By seeing that they are invested and interested in the products, they are giving you a greater sense of trust in them.

An exciting and extremely personalizing aspect of the website is its “Home Try-On” feature. This lets you order glasses from the comfort of your couch and try them on without ever having to leave. This experience truly is catered to the user and was built with the user in mind.

Even finding a store-front location can be done with ease! Find exactly where a store is located with a helpful photograph of the store itself. And with another click, you can get the exact location on Google Maps — (because Warby Parker knows we’re all using Google Maps and not Apple).

This is just another example of how Warby Parker puts its customers' needs first.

Warby Parker Instagram

Warby Parker’s Clean Website Design Emphasizes Personality, Simplicity And User-Friendliness

Warby Parker’s website design is approachable and friendly. It’s easy to navigate and fun to use. You feel like you’re getting a personalized experience through your computer screen, and you know it’s one you can trust.

There is no excessive copy or cluttered images. There is no corporate feel or stale vibes. Warby Parker is leagues ahead of its corporate competition who don’t utilize personality in their designs, visuals or copy.

This personality can be seen not just in the web design, but across social media as well. The company has a very consistent brand presence across all channels which further emphasize their desire to put the human experience first and engage with their audience with a personality in mind.

By driving simplicity, personality and cleanliness with its web design, Warby Parker has established itself as a leader in eyewear online and in person.

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