Alex Coven Colorful Homepage

Someone who is a graphic designer and web developer better make sure they have a great website for their prospective clients to view. Alex Coven does a great job of this. Right away, the home page grabs your attention. The bold, black text gets right to the point. On the right-hand side of the page there are 3 hats. Each one’s logo represents one aspect of what Alex does. It’s a clever nod to those who might notice the small details. For those that don’t notice; the illustration is still a nice addition to the page.

Alex Coven Colorful Portfolio Page

Scrolling down reveals Alex’s portfolio pages. Each portfolio item takes up an entire page. The background of the page is a bold color with an image of the project in question. The white text stands out against the background. While there are a few things going on here, the page is still very clean and simple. The page is attractive to the eye, makes you stop scrolling, and the button that allows you to click through and learn more about the project is not lost among the other pieces of the page.

Alex Coven Colorful Website Design

Clicking through on a project page provides more information. In the above example, we see thesame color has been used in the banner. More detailed images are also available as well as a small write up about the project. Again, despite the additional information, the page is still very clean and easy to navigate. Your eye starts at the top with the mobile screenshots and then moves along with the text. There’s nothing to distract you from what Alex Coven wants you to read. Best of all, the pages clearly put an emphasis on design which is the whole reason people have come to visit this site in the first place.

Alex Coven Colorful Menu Design

The menu design on Alex’s website is also very smooth. It’s always available to open from the left-hand side. This allows an emphasis to be put on the portfolio pages without an intrusive menu to distract visitors. When the menu does pop out, it takes up about a third of the page. Again, like the rest of the site, the menu is very clean and simple. There are 3 basic options and clicking on them displays the information directly in the menu. Alex Coven clearly doesn’t want his visitors to have to bounce around all over the site.

What more can you expect from a designer and web developer other than a smart, cleanly-designed website? This isn’t any ordinary portfolio site. This is an example of what a portfolio site should be.

Alex Coven is a colorful website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.