Doze Studio Amazing Homepage

Doze is a motion design and creative studio that empowers clients across a variety of digital media, with digital art that is unique, effective, and brand-empowering. Above all else, they create work that only they could make, incentivizing their brand and improving the impact of their work.

The home page of their site features a stunningly complex animation scheme captured above. At the moment, there aren’t any clear icons, text, or navigation tools for users to access. The beginning of the site’s experience features this stunning and highly dynamic animation, glitching the content of the home page into a variety of beautifully abstract, graphic pieces.

The one captured above is just one of many glitches that will occur during the introduction of the site. This instills not only the particularly experimental brand of the company, but also encapsulates the specific motion design focus that their work hinges on. The designer has effectively captured brand and communicated service in a UI that is stunning enough to create a clear, impactful experience.

Doze Studio Amazing Website Design

Doze’s “About” page continues to elaborate on their specific motion design services, and it further explores the graphic aesthetic of the experience. To the left, a series of graphic panels give shape and color to the page, while the black and white illusory animation captures the motion-focused nature of their business.

This visual smattering pairs nicely with the text, which elaborates on the history and impetus of the business. By providing a captivating visual-tasting to the left of the page, the designer has breathed life and brand into what would’ve been flat text.

Doze Studio Amazing Gallery Design

Lastly, this gallery section of the page serves to showcase the Doze team. The page is highly visual, continually opting to present information through animation and graphic design, rather than through dense text. Users can make their way through a variety of teammates’ pages, each with a unique graphic interface. This, as well as every corner of the site, serves the dual purpose of showcasing its specific content in a way that also emphasizes the abilities of the company. By composing each team member’s icon to be dynamic, experimental, and unique, the designer is carrying brand values and user interest along every step of the experience.

Doze Studio is an amazing website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.