Lazy Eyes Gorgeous Homepage

Lazy Eyes is a design site dedicated to commercial marketing and artistic projects. Utilizing experimental standards, the landing page changes every time the consumer visits their site. The onslaught of designs made available to the user can include vector, bitmap, flat, and skeuomorphism designs. Similarly, the colors range from RGB to CYMK formatting.

Lazy Eyes Gorgeous Website Design

Accessible through an innovative menu, Lazy Eyes asks users to press the letter “i” on their keyboard to view Lazy Eyes’ informative “About” page. A sliding window appears to give the viewer a brief understanding of what Lazy Eyes is all about, and it offers up several hyperlinks to find Lazy Eyes on social media.

Lazy Eyes Gorgeous Website Design

By using the creatively designed cursor, consumers are able to click on any one of the numerous boxes on the landing page to check out a sample of Lazy Eyes’ portfolio. Once taken to the portfolio, users are invited to look through images and textual content about the creative product they’ve selected. Users may find themselves viewing a single image, a series of images, a single video, or a series of videos.

A sliding screen at the bottom will open upwards if the consumer clicks on it. The page informs the viewers about the work sample, what it was designed to accomplish, and any important creators involved.

The simplified, creative formatting of the entire landing page and each work sample from the portfolio is inviting and engaging to the user’s eye. It speaks for itself as to the kinds of work Lazy Eyes can produce.

Lazy Eyes is a gorgeous website design in the Arts & Recreation, Entertainment and Professional Services industries.