Anyi Lu Elegant Homepage

Anyi Lu is an e-commerce website that features products with great photography and awesome interactions. The design fuses modern technology with Italian fashion. Anyi Lu is a visionary in women’s footwear, and the goal of the website is to convey that these shoes actually feel as good as they look.

The Anyi Lu website was created with a completely minimalist design, including elegant thinly-lined buttons that create a sense of everyday luxury, effortlessly. The design of the website has a great use of white space, giving the content plenty of breathing room meant to reflect high-end stores with luxurious, staggered shelves. 


Anyi Lu Elegant Gallery

The site also displays a brilliant use of full-width background video and large visuals to grab viewers' attention. Every product image has great depth perception, giving a strong sense of reality and attention to detail. The product photos are artistic and interesting -- they always tilt downward, creating the illusion of height.

Anyi Lu Elegant Product Page

The product detail page is beautifully created, with a very clean header that houses large images of Anyi Lu shoes in a slideshow that showcases them from different angles. The photography is crisp and shows the products with perfect luminosity; it's interesting to note that product photos are always tilted downward, which allows the site's visitors to better visualize the shoes.

The design utilizes negative space well, and maintains a clean page with light gray colors and elegantly outlined buttons, which give an air of luxury to the page. A video with a model wearing Anyi Lu shoes captures the user’s attention, encouraging them to purchase their own pair. The video takes up the full-width of the page, ensuring users will not be able to miss it.

Below the video, there are more images of the shoes from various vantage points which display them in other materials and colors. On the bottom of the page, Anyi Lu futher explains product features to reinforce the quality of the product.

Anyi Lu is an elegant website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Fashion & Beauty industries.