pq by Ron Arad Awesome Homepage

pq by Ron Arad is a cutting edge, detail oriented eyewear design brand. Designer Ron Arad has remained committed to boldness and pushing the envelop his entire career; the pq webpage clearly reflects his aesthetic goals.

Opening to a minimalist, deep scroll home page with understated monochromatic colors, the pq website becomes more nuanced and design oriented as the user scrolls on or clicks deeper into the webpage.

A transparent, horizontal navigation bar remains static at the top of the page as the user scrolls. Echoing the minimalist design of the home page, the navigation bar features only four navigation buttons plus a small contact button to the right hand side.

Demonstrating careful UX, the color of the sans serif typeface changes between black and white as the user scrolls, depending on the color of the background picture.

pq by Ron Arad Awesome Product Page

The web page is loaded with interactive features, forcing the user to engage with the product. On the homepage, in order to read more, the user must drag the screen to the left or right to reveal more information. An animation featuring the pq logo plays as each page loads, reinforcing brand identity on every page.

pq by Ron Arad Awesome Product Page

As the user clicks through the website, whichever section they’re on remains highlighted on the navigation bar, creating ease of access for the user. On landing pages for different styles of their frames, a color wheel allows the user to play around with different colors, effectively integrating the user into the creative experience.

pq by Ron Arad Awesome About Page

Furthering this concept, the website features a page dedicated to customizing your own glasses. Not only does pq use innovative face scanning technology to accomplish this, they also utilize the creativity of the customer. Customization features are a brilliant addition to a website to boost sales; if a customer designs their own piece, it encourages a sense of ownership and pride towards the item.

An effective website has to entice the user while accurately conveying brand image. With a mixture of bold text, interactive features, and beautifully shot videos, pqbyronarad.com is just as cutting edge as their designs.

pq by Ron Arad is an awesome website design in the Fashion & Beauty industry.