Jean Paul Gaultier Gorgeous Homepage Design

Jean Paul Gaultier has a reputation as one of the most cutting edge names in fashion. The creative machine, formerly behind Hermes, struck out on his own in 2010 to make his own waves. A designer’s web presence should echo their aesthetic, but is it even possible to create couture web design?

Bold typeface and high fashion photography set against white negative space are the focal points of this web page. Black font highlights the couture stylings and European heritage of the brand. Furthering this aesthetic, headlines appear in French, despite the fact that the copywriting is written in English.

In order not to distract from the images, a navigation bar does not appear at the top of the screen. Rather, a slim, vertical, black bar to the left reveals a menu when clicked. As each page on the website loads, an animation unfolds on the screen, showing that the website designers are mindful to infuse every part of the web page with style.

Jean Paul Gaultier Gorgeous Website Design

Interactive features create hidden shortcuts on the website, forcing the user to engage. For example, in order to reach the second page for Gaultier’s signature fragrance, the user must hold down the spacebar until the page loads.

The perfume is featured in it’s packaging at the center of the page. As the user scrolls, the perfume becomes animated and the packaging is slowly stripped away revealing a uniquely designer perfume bottle. Further adding movement to the page, a campaign video appears at the bottom of the page.

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Jean Paul Gaultier Gorgeous Gallery Design

Landing pages for Gaultier’s couture collections mirror the white negative space and minimal copy, allowing the pieces to speak for themselves. For those who would rather watch than scroll, bold text reading “Watch” allows the user to watch a video of the chosen collection.

Couture designers may seem like they’re above advertising, but the truth is everyone needs to make a sale. By elevating landing pages to a high art with animations, illustrations, and stunning photography, Gaultier is able to captivate users in his brand while staying true to his couture image.

Jean Paul Gaultier is a gorgeous website design in the E-commerce & Retail, Fashion & Beauty and Luxury industries.

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