Big Cartel Awesome Homepage

Are you the creative, do-it-yourself type with a million crafting projects around? Do people buy up the things you make and you find yourself filling orders for people? Then, you need to give Big Cartel, an online store platform, a go!

As soon as you enter Big Cartel’s site, you’re greeted by a stunning video of various art mediums laced together.

The video is accompanied by the phrase “we believe in the artist” scrawled over it. Immediately, you’re drawn into a sense of comfort as this being a great foundation to build your own online store and grow your business.

The centered format of the page makes for an easy read as you scroll. Photographs showcasing the site in use by various artists offset short paragraphs. The use of images breaks up the amount of information given to you and before you know it you find yourself at the bottom of the page, pumped up to see how Big Cartel can work for you!

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Big Cartel Awesome Portfolio

Before you sign up for your own Big Cartel store, take a look through the number of live examples the company has on display for you to study.

Featured shops take up the majority of the center column on the page, combining a stunning image of products offered with a brief insight into the shop owner and what they offer.

No matter what you’re looking for, Big Cartel showcases a similar shop for you to look through. Simply peruse through the list of sharp product photographs to find the ones that interest you! You get a real sense of the platform’s versatility and usefulness for online shop owners.

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Big Cartel Clean Product Page

Once you’ve decided to give Big Cartel a try, head over to their pricing page to learn about your options.

The page takes up a minimalist approach, letting all the attention fall on the four plans offered to shop owners. Vertically lined in the center of the page, each plan is a combination of photographic pricing with a text box explaining the benefit. It’s a simple and clean presentation that lets you focus on what’s most important.

Big Cartel changes the way do-it-yourself users approach business building by offering a platform to sell their product. The application of clear images shows off the numerous ways the company’s platform can be utilized and lets users make personal associations with each setup.

Big Cartel is an awesome website design in the Arts & Recreation and E-commerce & Retail industries.

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