Elje Group Creative Homepage

If you lost your old lava lamp; don’t worry. The Elje Group homepage is a good stand in for the classic lava lamp. The bubbles float across the screen, split, and morph. It’s a nice animated background that makes the homepage stand out from most websites you will see throughout the day. Bold, white typography makes a simple statement about what Elje Group does.

Elje Group Dark Menu Design

The menu is very nice. It pops out from the left-hand side of the page and takes over the browser window with a dark theme. This is a major contrast from the background in the other pages. There’s no confusion whether you’re on the menu or not.

The locations and contact information is also listed right in the menu which is handy for people who are looking for that information. The menu is also very simple. There is not a wide range of options to browse and choose from. Instead there are just 4 options available with a simple white text that stands out clearly on the black background.

Elje Group Creative Portfolio Page

Elje Group’s portfolio page is a very nice design. The emphasis is clearly on the work that they do. There’s no explanation up front about any project. Rather, Elje Group allows their designs to speak for themselves.

There are also some noticeable brands like Vodafone present on the portfolio page. This inclusion lends credibility to Elje Group. That placement was no accident.

Elje Group clearly understands effective design. Their website is fun, but still clean and simple. Everything down to the menu appears to be well-planned and purposeful. There are colors present that attract your eye and invoke excitement. Every piece works to help you move seamlessly onto the next piece. Elje Group shows that effective design doesn’t have to be complicated with their website.

Elje Group is a creative website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.