Qigo Clean Homepage

Annoying salespeople, inflated prices, and tons of paperwork are reasons people stay away from car dealerships. The auto industry has taken notice of consumer reluctance, and has begun utilizing the web to redefine the car buying experience. Qigo has mastered the idea of online car buying by creating a simple, minimal website that's easy for visitors to navigate. 

The single page website uses a deep scroll interface that is light, playful, and relies on high-resolution images and bold typography. Qigo's homepage is minimalist conceptualization at its finest.

The site offers simplicity, however, its single site front page forces users to keep scrolling. The bold title heading appeals to the viewers and leads to a simple sub-line underneath, that marries storytelling with user experience.

Qigo Clean Website Design

Qigo’s scroll design is exquisite and enhances the user experience. As users scroll through the page, the viewer will notice a thick light-gray strip projecting off the white backdrop. The strip represents a road, which makes the user feel as though they’re taking a road trip.Every piece of content on the website is directional and straightforward. The call-to-actions are bold and intentional. For example, the header “Buy Your Car 100% online,” is a clear message to the user. Although the header is noticeable, it doesn’t take away from the visual ambiance of the page.

Qigo Clean Directional Page

The directional page is a testament to Qigo’s playful disposition. Its illustration explains how the online buying process works by using basic, interactive visuals. The blue background draws attention to the cloud and the conceptual map. Its basic utilization of Javascript combines an even greater UX and UI interface, while maintaining the simplistic undertones.Bottom line, Qigo got it right. Their web design intertwines minimalism and creativity to develop a functional, user-friendly website. The website's revolutionary concept will continue to drive web traffic, forcing car dealerships and the auto industry to rethink their business model.

Qigo is a top website design in the Automotive industry.