Brussels Airport Amazing Homepage

Brussels Airport is one of the Belgium’s premiere airports and is dedicated to providing passengers, a one of kind, personal experience. The airport want to convey the idea that they are an airport that loves what they do, and who they do it for.

This home page sets the thematic tone for the rest of the site. The heart logo combined with the overall red color scheme creates a warm visual Pallet that exudes the ideas of love and passion.

The multi-panel dimensions of the site also help to construct an image of productivity and work ethic. The more levels of panel on the page, the more it seems that Brussels Airport is multifaceted and capable. What’s more, the image selection of the plane departing at sunset again evokes a somewhat romantic feel. So, this homepage sets the tone for the site’s objectives, and satisfies Brussels Airport’s value criteria.

Brussels Airport Amazing Website Design

The structure of the site is very interesting. Users can either slowly scroll through a single page setup, or access a menu in the top left, and control the flow of the experience themselves. But the menu doesn’t have a traditional setup, it only links users to pages like this one which purports that Brussels Airport loves its passengers.

This continues the romantic, loving, and passionate tone of the site while the fast moving and multidirectional text again cues in a notion of productivity. In a nutshell, the design of this page says, “Brussels Airport loves what they do, and they do it well”.

Brussels Airport Amazing Menu Design

Finally, let’s take a look at the structure of that rather odd menu. You see that each page of the site is dedicated to asserting something that Brussels Airport values and appreciates. This site is designed not only in aesthetic, but also in format to assert the airport’s values. By formatting and designing the site this way, rather than a more traditional augmentation, Brussels Airport is putting itself forward as a values first, business second institution.

Brussels Airport is an amazing website design in the Sports & Leisure and Travel industries.