Uber Amazing Homepage

Uber isn’t just a leader in the transportation industry. Their simplistic, minimalist web design has restructured how designers utilize the infrastructure of a single scroll page. The company focuses less on user experience and more on the site’s interface in order to help navigate visitors to download their app and continue using the product.

The overall site is a simple, bold, and elegant design. Each site page takes advantages of the vertical bars which create an asymmetrical focal point that uses a parallax-inspired format to  moves attention away from the background to the foreground.

Uber Amazing Website Design

The site’s menu bar is unique and helps to eliminate unnecessary content. On the left side of each page, the vertical line with four dots is a menu bar. The menu bar emulates a street on the road map which is clearly outlined on the “compare your options” page.

In the middle of each page, is a phone graphic. The site is considered a single page site because when clicking on an option from the menu bar, the user doesn’t actually move to a different page. The only thing that changes is the content and the background on the page and inside of the phone.

Uber Clean Signup Form

When a user clicks on the Uber logo, it will move them to a functional outbound link. The link page is straightforward and to the point. Sign up to ride with Uber or drive for uber. The clear call to either one of these actions doesn’t waste precious time with the user. It gives them an opportunity to quickly decide which action they want to perform, if not both.

Uber is on the move, not just on the road, but the international highway of web design. Their site is functional, simple, and user-friendly, which is the current design fad. From the creative menu sidebar to the very basic content, Uber has mastered the art of getting to the digital point.

Uber is an amazing website design in the Technology and Travel industries.