YPI website navigation menu screenshot

Creative Navigation Menu Displays Over The Hero Section To Help Users Easily Navigate The Website

Yachting Partners International (YPI) is one of the world’s oldest yachting brokerage houses that offers various services to its clients – from buying yachts and traveling around the world to operational support and onboard yacht management. 

Such complex offerings are effectively simplified through clever website navigation to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for.  

The desktop version of the YPI website has several versions of the main navigation menu to make it even more effective. 

These include: 

  • The navigation bar at the top of the page with written category page names 
  • The sticky navigation bar on the left side that stays still while scrolling down 
  • The navigation menu behind the hamburger menu icon 

Typically, the hamburger menu is used on a mobile version of the website to save space and not overwhelm users with too much information on smaller screens.  

YPI decided to add this version to the desktop website as well and it seems to be an efficient and highly usable elements of the website.  

Once a visitor clicks on the hamburger menu, the navigation expands and displays over the whole hero section of the page. Category pages are separated by a thin, vertical line and each of them features a line of copy that informs users what to expect within that category.  

Hovering over page names triggers the expansion to subcategories and inner website pages.  

This is quite a unique way to simplify website navigation and organize information. It makes YPI’s website clear and easy to use right from the start.    

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YPI website detailed search options screenshot

Detailed Search Options And Rich Filters Enable YPI Website Visitors To Find Exactly What They Are Looking For

Another web design element that makes YPI's website noteworthy is the detailed search option.   

YPI offers clients to buy a yacht listed in their directory, rent a yacht for a charter or build new, customized yacht and there is a separate, detailed page for each search inquiry. 

By clicking on a well-designed yacht icon in the left-side menu bar, website visitors enter the page where they can find the yacht that matches their criteria. 

If they are aiming to buy a yacht, they can set detailed filters to narrow the search and save timeThe filters include yacht type, build year, length, price, yacht name and the number of guests.  

If customers are looking for a yacht available for chartersearch filters include the yacht type, length, price, the number of guests, yacht name and possible destinations. 

Once the results are displayed, visitors can choose between a list-view and a grid-view and there are additional options for sorting the results by different criteria.  

Being so granular in terms of search and filtering options, especially for high-end products selling through luxury websites like this one, provides an excellent user experience and distinguishes this website from its competition. 

The white space on the YPI website screenshot

White Space On The YPI Website Allows Content To Be More Digestible  

An excellent user experience is one of the strongest assets of the YPI website design. 

There is just enough white space on the pages to let visual and written content breathe and make everything on the page easily comprehensible and immediately understandable. 

The white space provides clean aesthetics, a minimalistic look and a balanced feel to the website. It makes the content accessible and easily digestible.  

The copy is also clear, concise and to the point, providing the right information every step of the way through the website.  

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are clear and distinctive, encouraging visitors to take action and interact with the site 

The white space creates structure and balances the content by creating a natural flow, actively guiding visitors through YPI offers. 

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YPI website charter destination page screenshot

Stunning High-Quality Photographs Pull Visitors In And Help Increase Conversion Rates

 YPI offers charter trips to some of the most exotic destinations on Earth, including Norwegian Fjords, French Polynesia, Alaska, Antarctica, Greenland, Galapagos Islands, Costa Rica, Panama, Patagonia and more.

For each of the destinations, there is a dedicated page on the website, which opens with a stunning photograph of local natural scenes.

This is highly effective way to pull visitors in, engage and inspire them to explore the itinerary for each destination and, eventually, book a trip.  

Original, high-quality images are always an effective addition to website design. YPI has taken it to the next level with large, breath-taking images all over the website. 

YPI team members slider module screenshot

Creative Module Represents YPI Team Members In A Unique Way  

Interesting and creative design solutions can be found on almost every page of the YPI website.  

One such solution is the unconventional sliding module that showcases the profiles of YPI’s team members.  

The Our team page also opens with an attractive photograph and short copy above the fold. Scrolling triggers a lazy loading effect that enables images and elements on the page to appear. 

There is also an on-page navigation bar enabling visitors to navigate through the company’s departments and easily find information about specific teams. 

Even if a visitor skips the navigation, each department has its own module and the profiles of team members from sales, charter, yacht management, client experience, marketing and corporate teams are easily accessible through sliders.  

The shortened version of each profile includes name, image, function and flag icons representing the languages that the team member speaks. 

The “View profile” button expandto unique descriptions, interesting facts and contact detailsSuch detailed, unique team representation adds real value to the overall brand experience.

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YPI website blog category page screenshot

Clean Blog Page And Impressive Images Grab The Reader's Attention  

Yet another creative part of YPI’s website is the News page. This is the blog section of the website and it displays clean, clear and concise introductions to the articles. 

YPI regularly publishes industry news, trends and insights, corporate announcements, event happenings and other relevant information for its audience.  

Every post has aimpressive, high-quality opening image that spans almost throughout the whole above-the-fold section of the page.      

With black text on a white background and a lot of white space on each article page, YPI’s website once again showcases the importance of simplicity in web design solutions. 

As a contrast, at the end of every news entry, there is an eye-catching newsletter subscription banner with a dark background.    

Not only do these pages look sleek, but they also seem to be effective in guiding visitors through the conversion funnelturning readers into newsletter subscribers by using distinctive visual elements.

What is YPI? 

Yachting Partners International is a full-service superyacht brokerage house and a renowned international brand with 48 years of experience.  

As stated on the About us page, the company founders believed that behaving honestly and ethically ensures the best client experience and that still makes up some of the core values of YPI: 

“We believe that a business can and should be successful and profitable while also being honest. We work alongside clients, driven by a genuine desire to ensure that every yachting experience is exceptional.” 

The open, positive approach to business is shown on YPI’s website, while the luxurious yachting services are represented through elegant, minimalistic design. 

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