Character Branding Design Agency Clean Homepage

“Character” is a San Francisco-based branding and design agency. Their site uses parallax rotating banners of four high-quality wide-width photographs to wow its visitors at the first glance. Next, users can absorb the company's message and read case studies that showcase their wide range of clients. 

The overall design is extremely minimalistic, modern, and clean. White, gay, and black form the main color palette, which contrasts the clients' color work. The header remains simple and low-key.

Character Branding Design Agency Clean Website Design

This site has a high-end magazine touch; this is extremely noticable in the large collage of images that display the agency's amazing results, and are therefore the strongest selling tools.

Overall, the visuals speak for themselves. With this format, the perspective is unrestrained and the creativity knows no bounds, which seems to be the motif.

Character Branding Design Agency is a clean website design in the Advertising Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.