Chameleon Fitness Apparel Web Design

Standout features:

  • A combination of vertical and horizontal scrolling
  • Very large product images on Shop pages
  • Simple shopping process

Chameleon Fitness is a brand of fitness apparel whose website is a work of Creative Webs 2U agency. The website starts off with a bang, with a highly appealing homepage containing several full-screen videos in the background.

Gradient blue and green colors, featured in the brand's logo, make their appearance on the webpage's main CTA. The messaging uses various sizes of sans serif fonts that stand out quite crisply against the multicolored background - as does the main navigation.

But the definite standout feature of this homepage is the fact that it is scrolled horizontally. Several different backgrounds and messaging discuss different aspects of the website's Shop, keeping the user always above the fold and not missing out on anything of note.

The Shop pages itself use a combo of horizontal and vertical scrolling. The products are displayed quite boldly and prominently on the product pages that follow the best practices of eCommerce design by not distracting and quite simplifying the shopping process.

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