Cinematic Pictures Amazing Homepage

Cinematic Pictures is an independent production company, driven by a need to create engaging and beautiful images for their clients.

In the new experience website, the work of Cinematic Pictures takes center stage. Fullscreen videos immerse the visitors and smart production-related animations enhance the experience.

Cinematic Pictures Amazing Website Design

Highlighted projects slide through the frame as the homepage represents a film roll from a video camera that’s zooming into each project. The website exhales video production and pays homage to cinema and animation production.

Cinematic Pictures Amazing Gallery Design

Thumbs up for the smooth parallax effects and video clips that play seamlessly as soon as we hover the links. 


Cinematic Pictures Amazing Website Design

Overall, browsing through the site is an immersive experience. There is a smart approach to all design and type (usual sans serif) elements. I especially like this minimalist approach to the video player -- it's very cool and modern.

Cinematic Pictures is an amazing website design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.

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