Long Island Children’s Museum Colorful Homepage

Explore. Play. Create.

The words are right there on the website, describing the exact foundation of the Long Island Children’s Museum. Take your child on an adventure into education like they’ve yet to experience!

Playful colors and illustrations take the home page to a quirky level. It complements the idea of representing a children’s museum. The white backdrop allows the bright blue, yellow and red boxes down the page jump out at you, catching your attention at every scroll! The home page makes for a strong start to the website, using these colored boxes to introduce you to the main themes of the website.

The Long Island Children’s Museum has designed an in-depth website where all the fine details are given to you. This means a great navigation tool is vital for a dynamic user experience. Toying with the childish theme, the menu brings together vibrant colors and fun illustrations. Hover over a parent page and watch as it expands into a sketchy, color-filled box where the sub-pages are listed for you.

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Long Island Children’s Museum Colorful News Page

The Long Island Children’s Museum is all fun and games that you certainly want to explore! Plan your visit by heading on over to view the number of exhibits you’ll find at the museum. Thick black lines, big bold font and colorful photographs are exactly what you’ll see. The decision is a tactical one, presenting as if a middle aged child worked to help build the design. Even the non-descript and blocky illustrations scattered across the page help to amplify the childish choice.

Long Island Children’s Museum Clean Press Page

The choice of design is consolidated to the pages of highest impact. This is made clear as you head onto the press page. The design turns from playful and fun to serious and simple. Articles are presented in an organized list. Red becomes the text color to make each listing a vivid statement on the page. The simplicity of it allows for you to breeze article titles and find the ones you want to read.

The Long Island Children’s Museum caters to the child in every user. Bright colors and fun accents combine with bold letters build a playful atmosphere that makes for a pleasant user experience that’s eye-catching and easy to stare at.

Long Island Children’s Museum is a colorful website design in the Arts & Recreation, E-commerce & Retail and Education industries.

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